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Crash Guard

Crash Guard

Product News Monday, December 12, 2005: Nani Loading dock equipment

Crash Guard provides loading dock safety.

Crash-Guard protects operators and safeguards forklift operations. When no truck is in loading bay, crash guard is automatically in top position, standing 400-500 mm above dockleveler. If door is open while no truck is docked at loading bay, unit serves as barrier and run-off-protection. Because guard is wider than doorway, truck will always be stopped during docking procedure. Crash-Guard also protects operator by providing space between dockleveler and truck.

Improve Safety at the Loading Dock

While loading at vehicle loading docks happen day by day a lot of accidents. A crash guard system helps prevent accidents and protects the operators and safeguards forklift operations.

While loading at loading docks day by day there are a lot of accidents in spite of many safety regulations.

The Nani Crash-Guard shall now prevent the accidents and damages of the loading bay with the door, dockleveller and facade as well as the vehicles.

It protects the operators on the dockleveller and in front of it. When no truck is in the loading bay, the crash guard is automatically in its top position, i.e. it stands 400 - 500mm above the dockleveller. If the door is opened while no truck is docked at the loading bay, the crash-guard serves as a barrier and as a run-off-protection. This keeps a forklift from falling off the dock.

It protects the facade - because the crash-guard is wider than the doorway and because the crash-beam extends continuously from right to left, the truck will always be stopped by the Nani Crash-Guard during the docking procedure; this is true even if the truck docks eccentrically.

The crash-guard thus protects the complete loading bay and facade. It protects the loading doors - the load floor of interchangeable platforms for flat-bed trucks, containers and refrigerated vehicles is up to 1.70m high, the ramp-height today is between 1.20m and 1.30m.

During the docking procedure at the loading bay the truck can easily drive beyond the ramp and run into the door.

This is perfectly prevented by the Nani crash-guard, because the Nani crash-guard can be adjusted to the required height.

It protects the vehicles - the standard-buffers typically reach between 40 and 60cm below the ramp level.

However, the lighting of the vehicles in many cases is located in that area and as a result the lighting frequently is damaged, thereby jeopardizing road safety.

The Nani crash-guard is placed above the ramp edge and thus eliminates such damage while at the same time saving cost and improving road safety.

Special applications - during loading procedures of fresh meat or when loading occurs in temperature-controlled stores the doors of the truck should only be opened when the loading position is reached.

Therefore the loading ramp with the dockleveller needs to be lowered until the doors of the truck can freely be opened above the ramp.

At a thus lowered loading bay damages of the wall of the hall, of its doors, as well as of the trucks' lighting system can be eliminated 100% by the Nani crash-guard! Traffic lights do not ensure that!

Nani provided companies like DaimlerChrysler, K├╝hne & Nagel, BLG and OTTO with this safety system for the loading bay.

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