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Model 300
Model 300 Simplex Strainer

Model 300 Model 300 Simplex Strainer

Product News Friday, August 26, 2005: Absolute Filters

The Model 300VD through 303 VD (designed for vertical-down) is a design where the flow is from outside the of the perforated basket with a manual blow down. The flow, as it washes over the basket, will force the debris to the bottom of the strainer housing, which has a built in sump. This flow patter has been designed to act as a selfwashing (self-cleaning) simplex strainer.

Adding straightening vanes (SV) to any of the Models 300VD (also Models 301-303) creates a flow diffuser. This diffuser can eliminate up to 95 percent of the normal turbulence found after any elbow in a piping system. The turbulence will shorten the normal operating life of valves (mainly check valves), pumps, and flow measuring equipment. Using a Model 300 strainer in place of an elbow will eliminate 100 percent of elbow erosion. Erosion is the cause of most pipeline failures. This lessons downtime and repair costs.

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