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ZE Electric Pumps from Enerpac

ZE Electric Pumps from Enerpac

Product News Monday, December 12, 2005: Enerpac

The New Standard for Industrial Applications—ZE Electric Pumps from Enerpac.

Following the successful launch of the ZU electric pumps for the construction market, Enerpac has just released the new ZE series 700 bar hydraulic pumps for industrial applications. The new ZE pumps are unsurpassed in technology, design and features—only from the market leader in industrial hydraulic pumps.

In the Z-Class range of electric pumps, Enerpac has used the latest metallurgical, bearing and seal technologies to produce pumps whose features and benefits far surpass the electric pumps that are available today. By reducing the number of moving parts, improving flow dynamics and decreasing friction, Z-Class pumps will stay on the job longer, require less energy to operate and when needed, have lower service costs.

The New Standard for Industrial Applications

The high-efficiency pump design of the ZE electric pump has higher oil flow and by-pass pressure, runs cooler and requires 18% less current draw than comparable pumps. The totally enclosed, fan-cooled electric motor supplies extended life and stands up to harsh industrial environments. The multiple valve and reservoir configurations provide application specific models to match the most demanding industrial applications. The optional LCD readout provides a number of diagnostic and readout capabilities never before offered on an industrial pump.

The ZE pumps are available in four flow ranges and single and two-stage models, to provide the optimum cylinder and tool performance for almost any industrial application. Available in four oil flow groups of 0,55 – 0,82 – 1,64 and 2,73 l/min at 700 bar. Motor sizes include 0,75 – 1,12 - 2,24 and 5,60 kW models.

An extensive list of accessories is available, including heat exchanger, roll bars, pressure transducer and level and temperature switches to allow complete pump control over a wide range of industrial applications.

ZE electric pumps from Enerpac – simply the best pump you will ever use!

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