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Ultra-Flow Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd

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PULSARLUBE BT- Single Point Lubrication

PULSARLUBE BT- Single Point Lubrication

Product News Tuesday, June 9, 2009: Ultra-Flow Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd

Pulsarlube have just finished developing the new BT - Intelligent Single Point Lubricator. Pulsarlube BT -Blue Tooth stands for intelligent managment system.

The Pulsarlube BT Synchronizers with your smart phone as you move close .You can down load information to your smart phone and then to your PC.

The Pulsarlube BT .Reservoir capacities are available in two sizes, 250 CC as a result of the intelligent system of the Pulsarlube BT, the reservoir capacities is suitable for most application. Maximum operating time on a Pulsarlube BT could be up to 1 year

The Pulsarlube BT will inform you on the display “ t-UP “ that 1 years have passed or “ St00 ” that it is time to replace the lubricator grease pouch and the battery pack.

A visual LED will start blinking when faults are detected 

The Pulsarlube BT can do up to 8 lubrication points from one unit - 60 bars of pressure Seeing is believing.

Why don't you try the NEW PULSARLUBE BT?


Pulsarlube BT - Ultra-Flow Blue Tooth automatic lubricator Monitored