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Warley Design Solutions Ltd.

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Concept demonstrator service

Concept demonstrator service

Product News Saturday, November 28, 2009: Warley Design Solutions Ltd.

Over the last year, Warley Design Solutions reports an increase in activity amongst entrepreneurs, start-ups and young companies who are developing ideas for new products. Perhaps this is a result of corporate down-sizing or perhaps its something to do with the popularity of the “Dragons Den” TV show?

These companies benefit greatly by having some form of a physical model of sufficient quality that it can be used for software / hardware development, for marketing purposes or as a prop to support funding applications.

After all, being able to place a working model on the table can be the difference between success and failure when trying to sell an idea to investors or to obtain funding.

As a result of this demand, Warley Design Solutions have launched a “concept demonstrator” service, in which they typically undertake a brief market investigation, perform mechanical & Industrial concept design, manufacture by rapid prototyping techniques and deliver a concept model ready for electrical hardware. Warley say that in most cases this whole process can be completed in under a month and at a very affordable cost.

Want to maximise your chances of success in selling your idea?
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