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New P360 & P450 Bevel Gearboxes from Neeter Drive

New P360 & P450 Bevel Gearboxes from Neeter Drive

Product News Thursday, January 5, 2006: Power Jacks Ltd

New P360 & P450 Bevel Gearboxes from Neeter Drive Transmit up to 6600Nm

Neeter Drive has extended the PowerGear range of bevel gearboxes with the introduction of two new sizes. The new “size 360 and 450” gearboxes are designed to offer the same high torque characteristics of the other PowerGear units but in two much larger sizes. They extend the torque transmission of the range up to 3750Nm for the size 360 and 6600Nm for the size 450. This now means the range has extended its torque capability by a further 3400Nm. These high torque ratings were achieved using parameter optimised Gleason gearing. This is complimented by uniform load distribution on the gear teeth that is set by optimising the contact pattern during assembly.
The main body of each unit is indicated in its size designation 360mm and 450mm cubed with 75mm and 90mm diameter drive shafts respectively. Both gearboxes are available with six gear ratios up to 5:1 as standard and each design has solid and hollow shaft variants with up to 4-way shaft configurations.

The units’ design gives the following advantages:

    High industrial efficiency of the gearbox at 98%, saves energy costs. The compact and rigid design assures highest performance in a small footprint. Fretting-free torque transfer using a friction locked fit between shaft and bevel gear. Lubricated for life, the gearboxes are, depending on their specification, maintenance free, if operated under normal conditions.

Typical applications for the PowerGear are angular torque transfer and torque distribution in single, or multiple shaft configurations. In non-stationary applications where weight is extremely important, the PowerGear design is the ideal solution.