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Grant OQ610 temperature logger

Grant OQ610 temperature logger

Product News Friday, August 26, 2005: Grant Instruments (Cambridge) Ltd

Grant introduces the OQ610 temperature logger; featuring USB communications and greater accuracy in temperature measurement!

The new Grant OQ610 temperature logger offers a simple to use, affordable and flexible solution for a host of temperature monitoring applications in industry, research and development.
The new logger has some great new features! It can accommodate a wide range of K and T type thermocouple probes which offers the user greater flexibility, a quick response time and higher accuracy. For ease of use, the new logger also has USB communications which not only facilitates PC communications but also allows you to connect directly to a USB printer and get immediate reports without ever touching the PC.
The new 6 channel logger is small and compact making it suitable for use in a variety of applications. It is battery operated, easily portable and can be set-up via a simple 3 button operation or from the PC. Simply power up the logger, connect the thermocouples and carry out the tests. The logger automatically detects when sensors are connected making setup even easier! The logger can be configured to automatically start and stop logging on time or temperature levels and has the capability of logging up to 8 readings per second to provide a more detailed analysis in fast changing temperature processes.
The OQ610 is supplied with SquirrelView software; a powerful and easy to use application for configuring, downloading, displaying and analysing data from the logger. SquirrelView can also automatically calculate cure times when needed in applications using conveyor ovens.
At the touch of a button the OQ610 temperature logger can directly print user-configurable, concise reports to simplify record keeping and provide ISO9000 quality records for compliance and traceability.

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