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Non-Contact Measuring System

Non-Contact Measuring System

Product News Friday, February 3, 2006: Vision Engineering Ltd

Made to Measure – Vision Engineering’s range of non- contact measuring systems.

Vision Engineering’s Hawk range of non-contact measurement systems are already installed in a number of manufacturing companies worldwide. Vision’s patented optical technology provides the user with a high resolution image. This coupled with the high level of system accuracy and repeatability has led to the success of these systems in many sites worldwide.

Vision’s range of Hawk, non-contact measuring systems are ideally suited to the measurement of components that are feature rich or fragile and therefore can not easily be measured using a contact measuring system like a CMM. The optics within the Hawk presents the image to the user, in such a way that complex features can be seen clearly, this is also a benefit when low contrast, difficult colours or transparent parts need to be examined.

The Hawk is designed to be robust and stable - sturdy construction gives the high level of achievable system accuracy. A range of measuring stages provides repeatable, accurate measurement with up to 5µm resolution, 2µm stage accuracy, 2µm stage repeatability and 3µm stage reproducibility.

Magnification of 20X and 50X with single quick change, high numerical aperture objective and 150W 6-point ringlight with cool light fibre optic illumination, provide a high magnification image with shadow free illumination. There are a number of Hawk systems available from manual 2-axis to 3-axis fully automatic systems, designed to be adaptable to most requirements.

As standard the measuring stages with are calibrated using Non Linear Error Correction (NLEC). The processors available with the Hawk range will automatically correct any stage errors, providing the operator with optimum measurement precision. Calibration is traceable to NLP, and UKAS standards, giving the user complete piece of mind and confidence 100% of the time.