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Tri-Polar © Magnetic Circuitry

Tri-Polar © Magnetic Circuitry

Product News Monday, September 21, 2009: Magnetics Division - Global Equipment Mktg Inc.

It is the ultimate in Permanent Magnet technology, not available from any other magnet system manufacturer.

MASTERMAG has developed this computer designed magnetic circuitry using their rare, large and very costly 13 Ton Magnetizer*, one of only four in the world. It is available as standard on MASTERMAG HD and SCB Permanent Self Cleaning Magnet Systems, and available as an option on other models and sizes.

*Magnet system manufacturers traditionally magnetize ceramic blocks before forming the circuit in a stainless steel box. Due to the nature of magnets - wanting to repel each other - there is a limitation on how many blocks can be stacked on top of each other. MASTERMAG forms their circuit in the stainless steel box prior to magnetizing. After the circuit is completed and box sealed, it is immersed in the 13 Ton Magnetizer for three (3) separate sessions thoroughly magnetizing the system creating the Tri-Polar Magnetic Circuitry.

The evolution of Permanent Magnets have taken some dramatic leaps in the past 15 plus years. First, is the quality of the material used to make a permanent magnetic system. In the case of MASTERMAG, we use only Ceramic 8, as do most reputable magnet companies. This material, also known as Strontium Ferrite, has allowed permanent magnets to last longer (MASTERMAG offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty against loss of magnetic strength - see details below) and produce more field strength (gauss or force index).

In many applications, Permanent Magnets can be more or as effective as Electromagnets and have considerable advantages over Electros.

  • Longer warranty
  • Lower Profile
  • Lighter
  • No costly power required
  • Less costly to purchase and operate

Previous limitations of Permanent Magnets have been:

  • Magnetizing all iron/steel around or underneath the magnet as a result of peripheral magnetic leakage
  • Not as strong as Electros

With the Tri-Polar© Magnetic Circuitry as part of MASTERMAG's larger Permanent Magnet Series, Permanent Magnet Technology will never be the same. As a direct result of this new technology, peripheral magnetic leakage is all but eliminated, directing the magnetic field straight down and creating a stronger magnet. These Series of magnets are approximately 30% more powerful than the competing units of the same size and equivalent or superior to many sizes of Electros. As a result of this increase in strength and the potential for use in extreme applications - Manganese Wear Impact Plates are included as standard. Available as an option are stainless steel armor-clad belts with beefed-up drive system, including heavier belts (armor plated), lagged drive pulley, larger motor/reducer/bearings.