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EngNet Newsletter #2

Website Design for the Engineering Industry

Introduction - From the Editors Desk

Last week I attended a meeting with a large engineering corporation who were beginning to formulate the vision and route for their Internet strategy.  An advertising company started the meeting with a presentation of how they perceived the structure of their website.  Once again, I had to sit there while this advertising company presented an Internet Strategy for an engineering company that is doomed to generate less traffic than a wayward country road!

The strategy proposed will give an engineering user as much reason to visit the website as watching paint dry.  When you think of what would get the interest of a user the comment "How about we do an intriguing Corporate profile?". I'm sure that next month they will probably come back to re-read that really interesting corporate profile! (not)

Therefore, this newsletter has been compiled to provide you with an Internet strategy that will enable your company to formulate and design a website to cater for your company and clients' needs.

  1. Website Design Tips for the Engineering Industry
  2. Purpose & Objective for the Website
  3. Website Target Market
  4. Website Structure

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