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Configuring a Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC System

The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix system differs from other logic control systems in that the ControlLogix system is capable of integrating an entire manufacturing environment, not just certain machines or lines within a factory. A simple ControlLogix system consists of a stand alone controller and input/output modules in a single chassis. More complex systems can have more than one controller in a chassis or multiple controllers and input/output modules in several chassis. These chassis can be part of an extended network interconnected with various communication modules and spread throughout an entire manufacturing facility. ControlLogix provides the total system, including discrete and analog input/output, control over drives, motion, processes, and even safety concerns. The ControlLogix system can be configured in standard formats, for harsh environments, and even with integrated safety features. It is a totally modular system that can be configured to meet the demands and concerns of any manufacturing facility. Designing the initial system, building it, and even modifying it at some future date can be done very cost-effectively, both in terms of initial equipment expense as well as significant savings realized in engineering the system and training those who will use it.

The entire ControlLogix system is a blend of several different modular components which are mounted in the system cabinet. Among these components are:

Configuring your ControlLogix system, whether it be for one machine, an assembly line, or an entire manufacturing facility, is rather straightforward. You will need to closely examine the relevant manufacturing blueprints, as well as all machine prints and electrical prints pertinent to the task at hand. Create a spreadsheet listing all operations requiring input and output points. Also note all specialty applications, such as motion control and temperature control, and the type of communications modules needed to interface with the various system components. After completing this spreadsheet you will be able to determine the amount of memory necessary, the number of input/output modules and communication modules needed, and all other aspects of your ControlLogix system. The above tables list the various options available to complete your ControlLogix system. The order in which they are presented is the most logical way to configure your system. For instance, you cannot determine which ControlLogix Controller(s) to select until you have analyzed the number of Input/Output modules needed.

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