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Heat Exchanger Calculators

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  • Tentative Sizing
    Online thermal calculator for tentative sizing.
    Evaluate the number of shells to be used in series and a tentative heat exchange area needed for the specified duty. This is a starting point to use in the iterative Thermal Rating calculations.  [Content By : Engineering Page]
  • Thermal Rating
    Thermal Rating for a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.
    Online calculators to perform iterative thermal rating calculations for shell and tube heat exchangers. The calculators are quite sophisticated and, although they have been made user friendly, require sufficient knowledge of Heat Exchangers. Will save you an incredible amount of calculation work.
  • Heat Transfer Coefficient inside a Tube
    Calculation for the inside heat transfer coefficient for a tube.
    Performs online calculation for the heat transfer coefficient inside the tube and the pressure drop. To get both is convenient to obtain a compromise between the heat transfer and pressure drop.