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Volume Flow

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Volume Flow Conversions

Barrel (oil)/h
Barrel (oil)/s
Cubic centimetre/hour
Cubic centimetre/minute
Cubic centimetre/second
Cubic feet/hour
Cubic feet/minute
Cubic feet/second
Cubic metres/hour
Cubic metres/minute
Cubic metres/second
Cubic yards/hour
Cubic yards/minute
Cubic yards/second
Gallon water/minute (UK)
Gallon water/minute (US)
Gallons (FI)/hour (US)
Gallons (FI)/minute (US)
Gallons (FI)/second (US)
Gallons/day (UK)
Gallons/hour (UK)
Gallons/minute (UK)
Gallons/second (UK)
Pounds water/minute
Ton of water (long)/24hrs
Ton of water (metric)/24hrs
Ton of water (short)/24hrs
Other Unit Categories
Note: Use a period as a decimal point, or use scientific notation: 24E-2
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