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Electronic gas and smoke detector

Electronic gas detector, smoke detector

Electronic gas and smoke detector GRM
When used with gas and smoke sensors (refer to page 96), GRM continuously monitors explosive gases, vapours and/or smoke and generates alarms. The GRM electronic gas and smoke detector is installed in boiler rooms and basements, storage, office and living rooms as well as public facilities or industrial buildings for increased safety (building technology). The evaluation unit is designed for either wall mounting or control panel mounting by means of a mounting frame (refer to page 74). GRM has an alarm threshold and is fitted with a relay contact. When the threshold value is exceeded, the unit generates an alarm signal. The red „Alarm“ LED lights up and the alarm relay switches. An additional integrated buzzer provides an audible alarm. This audible alarm can be muted with the re-set button. If the condition which caused an alarm is cleared, the visual alarm can then also be re-set by once again pressing the re-set button. Only then can the alarm be muted with the re-set button. However, if the gas concentration level is still above the alarm threshold level, muting of the alarm is not possible. Using the voltage-free changeover contact additional alarms or units such as horns, lamps, ventilator fans etc. can be operated and controlled. 

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