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Outdoor temperature compensated heating control equipment

Outdoor temperature compensated heating control equipment

Outdoor temperature compensated controls are the most comfortable and energy efficient type of heating controls. If the controllers are properly adapted to the heating system, they ensure optimum room temperature stability. Outdoor temperature compensated heating controllers should always be used for underfloor heating systems.
Outdoor temperature compensated heating controllers compare all incoming measurements with the pre-set and calculated setpoints to ensure optimum interaction of all individual heating system components. Based on these optimised values, the burner or the circulation pump is switched on or off and the mixer motor opened or closed as required. The result is a constant indoor temperature which is completely independent of the outdoor weather conditions. To drive mixers, the AFRISO-Control units use an external actuator. The Compact-Control units are mounted directly on to the mixer using a mounting kit. The optional FBR1 remote control with integrated room sensor can be used for all Control and Compact-Control devices. FBR1 allows the user to conveniently change the room temperature by up to ±5 °C.

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