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Afriso South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Traditionally, we manufacture measuring and control devices for temperature and pressure. For more than 40 years now, we have also been producing measuring, control and monitoring devices and systems for environmental protection:
  • Level measuring devices
  • Overfill alarms
  • Flue gas analysers
  • Leak monitoring and alarm devices
Our leading-edge, market-oriented products and innovations result from our comprehensive know-how, a highly motivated and qualified staff and the fact that we understand what the market needs.

Our full-coverage product range for one-stop shopping extends from proven, cost-effective off-the-shelf products to complex, customised special solutions.

Afriso South Africa supplies the following products:
  • Absolute Pressure Switches
  • Air Flow Filters
  • Alarm Water Leak Detector
  • Alarms : Audible Alarm
  • Alarms : Visual Alarms
  • Anti Siphon Valves
  • Back-Up Controller For Rain Water Harvesting Systems
  • Bimetal Air Duct Thermometers
  • Bimetal Stainless Steel Thermometers
  • Bimetal Thermometers For Chemical Applications
  • Bimetal Thermometers For Heating And Plumbing Applications
  • Bin Level Switches
  • Boiler Safety Valves
  • Boiler Water Low Level Alarms
  • Bypass Level Gauges
  • Bypass Level Indicator
  • Capacitive Level Sensors
  • Capacitive Sensors
  • Chemical Leak Detection
  • CO Gas Sensors
  • Combination Gas Oxygen Sensors
  • Combustible Gas Detector
  • Compound Pressure Measurement
  • Conductive Level Measurement
  • Diaphragm Safety Valve
  • Differential Pressure Gauges
  • Differential Pressure Indicators
  • Differential Temperature Controllers
  • Digital Panel Display Units
  • Digital Temperature Sensors
  • Dissolved Oxygen Analysers
  • Electromechanical Level Measurement
  • Electronic Temperature Controllers
  • Event reporting system Fuel Oil Manager
  • Event Reporting Systems
  • Filter and Strainers
  • Float Level Switches
  • Flue Gas Analysers
  • Flue Gas Oxygen Sensors
  • Fluegas Analyzers
  • Fluid Level Controls
  • Fuel Oil Filters
  • Fuel Oil Tank Gauge
  • Fuel Tank Gauge
  • Gas Cooler
  • Gas Detection Alarm System
  • Gas Detection Equipment
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Gas Filled Thermometers For Chemical Applications
  • Gas Flow Measurement
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Gas Level Sensors
  • Gas Monitoring Equipment
  • Gas Sensors
  • Gas Treatment System
  • Gas Warning Devices
  • Gas-Filled Thermometers
  • Gauge Pressure Indicators
  • Handheld Electronic Thermometers
  • Heating Control Equipment
  • Heating Oil Filters
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensors
  • Hydrostatic Head Level Switches
  • Hydrostatic Level Measurement
  • In Line Strainers
  • Level Sensors : Oil Level Sensor
  • Level Switches : Fixed Point Level Switch
  • Level Transmitters
  • Liquid Level Sensors
  • Liquid Level Switches
  • Lubricant Level Switches
  • Magnetic Level Gauges
  • Mobile Pipeline Gas Leak Detector
  • Motorised Boiler Room Vent Air-Control
  • Multi Gas Measuring Device
  • Multipoint Gas Detector
  • Non Contact Level Measurement
  • Oil Tank Gauge
  • Oil Tank Level Gauges
  • Oil Tank Vent Alarm
  • Oil Water Alarms
  • Oil-On-Water Detector
  • Oxygen Analyser
  • Oxygen Probe
  • Paddlewheel Switches
  • Pipe Line Strainers
  • Pipeline Temperature Sensors
  • Pneumatic Pressure Control Valves
  • Portable Gas Detection Alarm System
  • Pressure Control Valves
  • Pressure Difference Switches
  • Pressure Gauges : Digital Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Gauges : Industrial Pressure Gauge
  • Propane Tank Gas Gauge
  • Proportional Pressure Controllers
  • Rain Water Harvesting System Centre
  • Rain Water Storage System
  • Rain Water Systems
  • Safety Temperature Switches
  • Signal Anodes
  • Smoke Alarms With Sensors
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors
  • Solar Pump Stations
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Sensors
  • Strainers : Filter and Strainer
  • Tank Gauge
  • Tank Level Switches
  • Temperature Gauges : Digital Temperature Gauge
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Temperature Switches
  • Thermal Level Switches
  • Thermal Safety Valves
  • Thermostats - Bimetal Thermostats
  • Thermostats - Disc Thermostats
  • Toxic Gas Detector
  • Trip Amplifiers
  • Zener Barriers

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