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The unique way we bring together our range of experience allows us to offer an uncompromising service on every level. By working closely with our clients we can establish exactly what their business needs are and tailor innovative thinking around them. This care and attention to detail is all part of our dedicated, personal service. 

Whether you need a single hand crafted item or a million, our manufacturing team create springs, pressings and wireforms for an array of applications. However complex the project whether it’s small, delicate components or parts for vast nuclear reactors, we always produce cost effective results.

From developing prototypes, offering design advice or simply supervising production, our stringent standards ensure you experience a seamless service from the first phone call to unwrapping your promptly delivered product.

A knowledgeable consultancy service.

We believe our expertise is one of our strongest assets. Sharing this skill in a consultancy role or as an integral part of your design team means we can offer our combined skills to help you develop ground breaking products. To find out more click our Spring Design page. 

An impressive range.

Technology and experience means we can create whatever your business needs. Our team can manufacture compression, tension (extension) and torsion springs, including wireforms and rings. All can be made from round or sectional materials.

Our team can also hand make flat springs and pressings, or when volume is the key, we can manage this too. While coil springs and wireforms are produced in vast quantities on our high-speed, state-of-the-art CNC machines.

Superior materials and finishes.

Over the years we’ve developed a reliable network of exceptional suppliers. They help us source an extensive range of spring steels and alloys, alongside aluminium and titanium. We also offer a comprehensive range of decorative and protective finishes. Our team will be more than happy to advise you on the materials and finish that best suit your needs.

Rigorous quality control

As a company that’s registered to ISO 9001-2008 our standards are high. We have a quality assurance programme in place which maintains our promise through every single process. It also offers full traceability and if you need to see our certificates of conformity, just ask. 

Infinite assembly opportunities

Assembly work is something we’ve become adept at. As part of the process we can assemble components from parts manufactured by us or other specialists. We add our springs to finished units you’ve supplied, or simply assemble individual parts. It’s your choice. This great flexibility gives us the freedom to provide virtually any combination of service you need.                    

Bespoke delivery and packaging

Dedicated to being highly commercial we offer a speedy, reliable delivery service. It embraces direct line delivery, Kanban replenishment and consignment stock control. And to ensure every product arrives in prime condition we’ve developed packaging that protects springs from tangling. It not only assures easy transportation, it also aids auto-assembly. 

It’s another demonstration of how Airedale Springs provide a carefully considered service from beginning to end.

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A Total Service

Based on an outstanding combination of innovative thinking, engineering excellence and specialist expertise. With years of specialist experience of manufacturing industrial springs, pressings and wireforms, Airedale enjoys a worldwide reputation for uncompromising quality. Working closely with our clients to meet their exact needs, we provide a highly focused, personal service that puts great emphasis on building long-term relationships.

Our industrial springs are found in hundreds of different applications, ranging from small, delicate components to nuclear reactors. However complex or demanding the project, our team has the skills to produce innovative, cost-effective solutions. Whether developing prototypes, advising on design issues or supervising production, we adhere to the very highest standards, ensuring a seamless service from initial discussion to final delivery.

Overall Capability

We have the capability to meet any spring requirement whatever the size or design. Compression, tension (extension) and torsion springs including wireforms and rings can be manufactured from either round or sectional materials. Flat springs and pressings can be manufactured by hand or on a range of power presses and multi-slide machines. Coil springs and wireforms can be manufactured in volume on high-speed, state-of-the-art CNC machines.


  • We deal with a large number of raw material suppliers through whom we can source an extensive range of spring steels and alloys. We can also manufacture from aluminium and titanium.
    Please consult our experts for advice on equivalents to company or overseas standards.
  • Product Finishes.
    A complete range of protective and decorative finishes are available.
  • Bespoke Delivery Service.
    Whatever your particular commercial requirements, we can accommodate them through a service that embraces direct line delivery, Kanban replenishment and consignment stock control.
  • Rigorous Quality Control.
    We are registered to ISO 9001-2000 and operate a quality assurance programme that starts from our very first meeting with a client and applies at all stages of a project. Certificates of conformity are available where required by clients and throughout all processes we provide full traceability.
  • Any Quantity from 1 To 1,000,000+.
    Production flexibility is an important part of our service. Whilst we have automatic, high output machines for producing conventional tension, torsion and industrial compression springs, we also have the ability to handle prototypes, small batches and even one-off orders. Our Experience Covers All Spring Types and a Vast Range of Applications.
  • Assembly.
    We have experience of undertaking a huge spread of assembly work. We'll assemble components from parts manufactured by ourselves or by other specialists. You can either supply us with finished units to which we will add our industrial springs or let us have individual parts for our team to assemble. Our highly flexible approach means that we can provide virtually any combination of service to meet any particular need.
  • Packing.
    With certain springs subject to tangling problems, specialist packing is a vital part of our activities. Our packing team has developed techniques that not only provide springs with protection during transport and storage but also aid auto-assembly.

Data sheets for Typical Styles

  • Clips / Pressings
  • Clock Springs
  • Compression Springs
  • Extension Springs
  • Garter Springs
  • Paint Hooks
  • Hose Springs
  • Rings / Circlips
  • Torsion Springs
  • Turbulators
  • Wire Forms
  • Wire Erosion
  • Airedale Prison Spring

Stock Springs

  • Standard Tension Springs
  • Standard Compression Springs
  • Die ISO Springs Catalogue
  • 24in Open Coiled Lengths
  • 24in Closed Coiled Lengths

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