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Reed Switches

Reed SwitchesA reed switch consists of two ferromagnetic and specially shaped contact blades (reeds) positioned in a hermetically sealed glass tube with a gap between them and in a protective atmosphere.

Proximity Switches

Proximity SwitchesProximity switches and sensors use a reed switch and a permanent magnet. Each is encased in a plastic housing for protection and ease of mounting. A classic use is sensing the opening of a door in a securithy system.

Motion / Vibration Sensors

Motion / Vibration SensorsMotion sensors are very similar in design to tilt switches; in fact, some tilt switches are used as motion sensors. The sensor will be in one condition (open or closed) at rest.

Float Switches

Float SwitchesThese switches are used to monitor liquid levels by opening or closing when a desired action point is reached. A variety of types are available using mercury and non-mercury tilt switches.

Mercury Wetted Reed Switches

Mercury Wetted Reed SwitchesMercury wetted reed switches must be mounted in a particular orientation otherwise drops of mercury may bridge the contacts even when not activated.

Tilt / Tip-Over Switches

Tilt / Tip-Over SwitchesThe tilt and tip-over switches and motion sensors are available as mercury metal and our patented non-mercury metal (patents #5.209.343 and #5.332.876.).

Angle / G-Force Sensor

Angle / G-Force SensorThe Comus group offers a range of intelligent, microprocessor controlled sensors which respond to angle, acceleration and G force.

High Breakdown Switches

High Breakdown SwitchesThe HBS line of reed switches is the Comus groups answer to the market demands for a lower cost reed switch that is still capable of handling high voltage applications.

Low Cost Switches

Low Cost SwitchesCustomers are constantly asking us for a low cost switching solution especially where the end product may have a short life.

Reed Relays

Reed RelaysReed relays consist of a reed switch and coil assembled into a housing, which could be plastic, metal or molded. The reed switches consist of two or three ferro-magnetic blades.

Solid State Relays

Solid State RelaysSolid State Relays (SSR) manufactured by the Comus Group of companies are sold around the world. The sign, with no moving parts, means that solid state relays have an almost unlimited life expectancy compared with electromechanical relays.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic SensorsUltrasonic sensors work similar to radar or sonar. Ultrasonic sensors send out high frequency sound waves and depending on the echo that is received back by the sensor, it calculates the distance or simply the presence of an object.

Optical Level Switches

Optical Level SwitchesOur new range of optical level switches are second to none when it comes to quality and reliability. All units have hermetically sealed electronics with cable entry rated at IP68.
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