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mtrack, Cell Phone GPS Tracker

AutoMatrics Limited

mTrack provides a premier tracking and theft recovery service to the international markets. Our products have patented technology, enabling tracking and recovery of vehicles and assets internationally using a combination of GSM, RF and if needed GPS technology.

mTrack works with self powered hardware which needs no installation, making systems totally portable, with a battery that lasts up to 4 years. Unlike conventional tracking devices it does not need an external antenna, power supply cabling or to be mounted where it can see passing satellites, as is the case with conventional GPS based systems.

In short, our tracking solutions can be installed covertly into virtually any asset that you own and wish to protect.

mtrack has the following benefits:
  • Able to be hidden on a car discreetly within minutes
  • Accurate tracker to 1m using GSM/RF and SMS technology
  • Very compact (125mm x 70mm)
  • Programmable GEO-Fences alarm the vehicle if it is moved without authorisation
  • No installation fee, can be moved from asset to asset
  • No wires for thieves to track and trace back to the battery
  • Waterproof to 1m IP67 rated allowing location anywhere
  • Unlike GPS tracking systems it will continue working even if the car is stolen and placed inside a close-sided vehicle or in a garage by the thieves
  • No external antenna required
  • Inbuilt motion sensors
  • Remote activation keyfob to alarm the car manually allowing the unit to trigger if the vehicle is moved from its defined location.
  • Sold Secure approved ­ Gold Award
  • Thatcham Q-rated system
  • Supported by national call centre with full recovery

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