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Tank cleaning heads

Tank cleaning systems

Non entry or clean in place tank cleaning is a vital part of chemical, food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. 

Selecting the correct cleaning devices can help:

- Save cleaning times thus lowering down time.

- Save water and energy thus reducing costs.

- Improve overall cleaning / sanitation thus improving quality.

 BETE offer a broad range of devices capable of cleaning anything from small process vessels to large ocean going tankers. Our tank cleaners are organised into 3 broad product categories

1- Static tank cleaners. These are spray balls, omnidirectional nozzle arrays and very wide angle spiral nozzles. They have no moving parts and are capable of rinsing small to medium sized tanks.

2- Rotary fan cleaners. These devices produce medium impact fans of spray that rotate to give complete cleaning of the tank. We produce a wide range of stainless steel rotary fan cleaners as well as a range of PTFE ones suitable for highly corrosive environments.

3- Rotary jet or impingement cleaning devices. These machines produce powerful cleaning jets. These rotate in two dimensions and over time bring the jets to bear on every inch of the tank. This delivers high impact cleaning to large tanks. Effective cleaning jet lengths vary from 4 to 20 meters meaning tanks as large as 40 meters in diameter could be cleaned with a single device. 

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