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John Deere Engine Parts

John Deere New and Remanufactured Engine Parts
Blake's Remanufacturing is your One Stop Shop for parts and service for John Deere equipment. Blake’s offers remanufactured parts for the widest range of John Deere engine models. We regularly deliver parts for the following John Deere engines: 3-135, 4-145, 3-152, 4-155, 3-164, 4-165, 3-179D, 3-179T, 4-202, 4-219, 4-239, 4-270, 4-276, 6-303, 6-329, 6-359, 2-378, 6-404, 6-414, 6-466, 6-531, 6-619, 3029, 2.9 PTech, 4039, 4045, 4.5 PTech, 6059D, 6068, 6.8 PTech, 6076 7.6L, 6081 8.1L, 6101 10.1L, 6105 10.5L, 6125 12.5L and many more. Blake’s has everything you need to service and overhaul the engine on your John Deere machine.

New Parts and Accessories
Blake's Remanufacturing offers a complete range of new after-market and OEM parts for John Deere equipment.

Remanufactured Parts
Since 1973 Blake's Remanufacturing has provided top-quality remanufactured parts for John Deere engines. Our remanufactured parts offer the same quality as new parts at a fraction of the cost.


John Deere Camshafts
John Deere Lifters / Followers
John Deere Connecting Rods
John Deere Cylinder / Piston Packs
John Deere Crankshafts
John Deere Cylinder Heads
John Deere Cylinder Blocks
John Deere Accessories


Please get in touch for a complete list of John Deere parts and part numbers that Blake's offers.

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