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Davall Gears is an established leader in the field of custom-made gears and gearbox systems, a position attained by successfully combining extensive knowledge of the industry with the use of modern technology. Davall Gears is able to provide design and manufacturing solution's to the many and varied power transmission and rotary motion problems posed by their clients.

Custom Gearboxes

Davall have for the last 40 years specialised in the design, prototyping and manufacture of customised gearboxes including: customized worm gearboxes; customized bevel gearboxes; and more.. Products have typically varied from Medical infuser mechanism to Military gear drives and from Clockwork radios to Airship aileron actuators.

Stock Sales

Davall Stock Gears provides the designer, prototyping engineer, model maker, maintenance engineer and original equipment manufacturer with a reliable source of standard "off-the-shelf" components including gears, both imperial and metric, toothed (synchronous) belt drives, gearboxes, shaft couplings and universal joints. More than 10,000 different items are available from stock, ready to be collected or dispatched the same day.

Design & Development

A highly qualified design team, backed up by modern computer technology and purpose made development and test facilities, is able to provide a complete service, from feasibility study through to prototype design, build and test. Davall customers benefit significantly from the considerable knowledge and experience gained over many years solving power transmission problems. Existing products, like worm gearboxes and moulded universal joiints, can also be re-designed using state-of-the-art materials and gear technology to effectively optimise performance and cost.

Spiradrive Systems

Davall SPIRADRIVE ® (spiroid) is a right angled/offset drive, consisting of a gear and pinion. The pinion has fewer teeth than the gear and is of parallel or tapered screw form. The gear is a face type similar to a hypoid-offset spiral bevel.

This arrangement offers a wide range of gear ratios, with a greater number of continuously meshing teeth (than for a worm gear of similar size), resulting in higher strength and smoothness of action from a compact design. Also, mounting requirements for SPIRADRIVE® are not as critical as for bevel or hypoid gears, ensuring maximum accuracy and positive backlash control.

SPIRADRIVE® is available in a standard range of gearboxes (motorised and overload protected), loose gear sets, or customised -designed and manufactured to specification.

Endicon Systems

The patented Endicon coupling or index ring set consists of two halves with each being a mirror image of the other. Depending on the outside diameter of the Endicon ring, it can be manufactured with 20 to as many as 3000 teeth or more. When in intimate contact, the teeth of one member fit into the spaces of the other member so that the convex side of a tooth contacts the concave side of the tooth of its opposite member. These uniformly spaced curved teeth provide a positive high strength coupling when held in tight mesh. As a result, an Endicon ring set, whether used as a precise indexing device or as a power transmitting coupling, forms a torsionally rigid, zero backlash truly self-centring interface.

Customized Worm Gearboxes

Davall Stock Gears' range of modular and apaptable worm gearboxes are available in 7 sizes, and by careful selection, offers a reduction ration between 7:1 and an excess of 9500:1. Our worm gearbox is rated for input power upto 4.0Kw. and an output torque of 850Nm.

The high speed steel worm is hardened and ground, suppoerted on two bearing, and meshes with a bronze alloy worm wheel supported on over-sized bearings to accomadate a large output bore.

The case is aluminum alloy and vacuum impregnated with a resin to seal and protect the interior..

Our customized worm gearboxes are available to suit either IEC(;metric) or NEMA(imperial) moror frame sizes. On request, the gearboxes can be supplied ATEX certified.


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