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Cumel Shower Oscillator

Cumel Shower Oscillator

The new Cumel CJD-301 oscillator drive unit is designed for showers of the wires, rolls and felts used in the papermaking industry.

All the electrical and mechanical parts in the oscillator are protected against wet conditions and will operate with ambient temperatures as high as 250° F. The motor, gear unit and sensors are installed inside a water-resistant acid-proof stainless steel casing.

The oscillator is easy to install in different locations. Custom made mountings are also available.

The oscillating motion is provided by a precision screw driven by the motor. The drive unit consists of a reliable 3-phase induction motor, which requires only minimum of maintenance. The Cumel oscillator drive has an inbuilt mechanism to restrict the force generated by the unit. This will prevent mechanical damages in case the jet pipe collides with e.g. frame of the machine or the drive shaft exceeds its operating limits.

The linear motion is guided by a pulse counter counting the pulses sent by the rotating screw. The length of stroke can be adjusted by setting the desired value in millimetres. The screw is equipped with a rotation guard to switch off the motor and to start an alarm signal in case of unexpected halting of the shaft. The alarm signal can be used to switch off the high-pressure pump to avoid damage to the wire or the felt when the oscillating motion stops.

Due to a frequency converter-driven motor it is possible to adjust the speed linearly. The adjustment of speed can be carried out manually using a potentiometer or automatically according to the speed of the paper machine.

The speed can be adjusted in relation to the speed of the wire so that in each subsequent revolution of the wire the jet scrubs subsequent sections of it. This will provide the optimum cleaning result. An appropriate signal of the paper machine's control system, comparable to the speed of the machine, can be used as a control value for the oscillating speed, in which case the jet speed will automatically follow the speed of the machine. The type of signal must be specified when ordering.

The control unit box can be mounted either along the machine or at the electric distribution board. The drive unit is provided with a preinstalled 2 meter cable.

If necessary, several drive units can be managed by one control unit.

The oscillator is connected normally to a 1-phase supply. The voltage and type of supply must be specified when ordering.

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