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Elektror Low Pressure Blowers

Elektror Low Pressure BlowersCast aluminum blower housings, impellers made of galvanized steel sheet, maintenance-free squirrel cage rotor motors to IP 54. The blowers can be supplied in clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. On demand speed variable execution, 2-step speed variable, step less with single phase, or speed variable execution by frequency converter.

Elektror Radial Blowers

Elektror Radial BlowersAll blower parts made of cast aluminum. Non-contact and oil-free rotating impellers. Silencers on inlet and outlet side with base plate as standard. Maintenance-free and performance-adapted squirrel cage rotor motors to IP 54.

Askubal Heavy Duty Rod Ends

Askubal Heavy Duty Rod EndsWhen choosing a rod end, it is essential to know whether the load is to be static or dynamic.

Bowman Oil Coolers

Bowman Oil CoolersBowman Engine & Transmission Oil Coolers are equally suitable for cooling torque converter, automatic transmission and engine oils.

Bowman Heat Exchangers

Bowman Heat ExchangersBowman Marine Heat Exchangers are three methods employed for water-cooled marine petrol and diesel engines

ContiTech Conveyor Belts

ContiTech Conveyor BeltsContiTechnik is a specialist in conveyor belts.

ContiTech Cushioning Mountings

ContiTech Cushioning MountingsContiTechnik is a specialist in cushioning mountings.

Cumel Doctor Oscillators

Cumel Doctor OscillatorsCumel doctor oscillators are designed and manufactured to be direct replacements for Valmet k80f or k80e oscillators (Valmet is using these oscillators on their latest board machines).

Cumel Shower Oscillator

Cumel Shower OscillatorThe new Cumel CJD-301 shower oscillator drive unit is designed for showers of the wires, rolls and felts used in the papermaking industry.

EFFBE Diaphragm Pressure Cylinders

EFFBE Diaphragm Pressure CylindersEFFBE diaphragm pressure cylinders are offered in different sizes. The differ in pressure force, stroke, construction, mounting connection and housing material.

GWB Cardan Shafts

GWB Cardan ShaftsOur experience with a multitude of GWB cardan shaft applications, gathered over more than 50 years, has made GKN Gelenkwellenbau GmbH a leading manufacturer of cardan shafts for automotive and industrial uses. A worldwide network of activities and partnerships and belonging to GKN's international group of companies form the basis of our competence. It is our corporate policy to secure this position in the long-term through technical innovation.

Hubner Motors, Generators, and Controllers

Hubner Motors, Generators, and ControllersWe supply a comprehensive range of Hubner products.

JKV Hydraulic Cylinders

JKV Hydraulic CylindersJKV hydraulic cylinders can be delivered single-acting, double-acting, with cushions in one end or both ends.

Katsa Gear Boxes and Gear Wheels

Katsa Gear Boxes and Gear WheelsDistribution of a comprehensive range of Katsa gear boxes and gear wheels.

PFAFF Screw Jacks

PFAFF Screw JacksWorm Gear Screw Jacks of the standard range abbreviated "SJ" are characterized by a simple, sturdy design and have proved most successful for more than 20 years.

Pimatic PIC-Cylinders

Pimatic PIC-CylindersPimatic PIC-Cylinders can be delivered with special seals and special cushioning measurements. Seal types are delivered according to operating temperature range of the cylinder.

Springride Rubber Bellows

Springride Rubber BellowsBellows produced by DUNLOP are marketed with the brand name SPRINGRIDE and found on buses and underground railways throughout the world, for example in Paris, Chicago and Caracas.

Bowman Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers

Bowman Swimming Pool Heat ExchangersBowman is one of the UK's largest manufacturers of Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers.

Duff Norton Machine Screw Actuators

Duff Norton Machine Screw ActuatorsDuff-Norton offers a complete line of both standard and custom engineered machine screw actuators for applications up to 350 tons.

Duff Norton Modular Actuators

Duff Norton Modular ActuatorsLoad capacity to 2000 lbs. - Speeds to 5.8 inches per second - Standard Stroke Lengths to 24" - Integral C face Mounting - Acme and Ball Screw Drive - Couple for Synchronous Operation - Motors, Limit Switches, and Feedback Available

EFFBE Diaphragm Devices

EFFBE Diaphragm DevicesThe Effbe standard series provide you with high-quality diaphragm devices for control functions in the field of plant and mechanical engineering.

EFFBE Punched Gaskets

EFFBE Punched GasketsBy using individually made tools and state-of -the-art punching technology, we are able to meet all of your product requirements for punched parts while adhering to the smallest of tolerances for medium-sized and large series.

EFFBE Elastomer Springs

EFFBE Elastomer SpringsThe main feature in comparison to steel springs is the emergency operation feature and hence the particular operational reliability. A long service life without any maintenance is an important factor for economical continuous operation.

Hubner Incremental Encoders

Hubner Incremental EncodersRobust construction with solid light alloy housing for high vibration and shock proof protection. Short-circuit proof power transistors with peak currents up to 300 mA for line driving over long cables with HTL-signals or optional TTL-signals to RS-422.

Hubner Tachogenerators

Hubner TachogeneratorsBaumer Hübner LongLife tachogenerators are characterized by the following features, some of which are offered by no other speed sensor.

Kumera Helical Gearboxes

Kumera Helical GearboxesHelical gearboxes have the highest efficiencies, making them suitable for applications where high torque demands make heat loss a significant factor.

Nurmi Industrial Cylinders

Nurmi Industrial CylindersThe reliable Nurmi industrial cylinders provide real user benefits in paper machines, steel mills and smelting plants, mining and rock drilling machinery, pile drivers, cranes and lifting equipment.

Nurmi Marine Cylinders

Nurmi Marine CylindersNurmi Hydraulics has supplied marine industry with hydraulic cylinders for over 25 years. Nurmi marine and offshore cylinders offer first-class reliability on the high seas and in busy ports.

Pimatic Pneumatics

Pimatic PneumaticsThe custom made products industries require in terms of applied pneumatics and low-pressure hydraulics are Polarteknik’s Pneumatics division’s special field. Its success is based on strong product development and more than 30 years of experience.

Wurges Vibration Motors

Wurges Vibration MotorsWithout external influence, 2 MV vibration motors can generate two vibration strengths of constant speed, due to the stury mechanism.
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