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Hubner Motors, Generators, and Controllers

Hubner Motors, Generators, and Controllers

Digital Encoders

Incremental Encoder type FG... appropriated for rolling mill application shock tested hollow shaft bore up to dia 150 mm redundant versions Incremental Encoder with Optics Conductor LWL Absolute Encoders

Digital/Analogue Electronics

Electronic Rotary Cam Limit Switch Frequency/Voltage Converter Output Multiplier Digital Measurement and Display

Mechanical Overspeed Switch

Type FSE 102, electro-mechanical switch

Electronical Overspeed Switch

Type EGS/EGS 3, electronical switch vibration proof up to 20 g adjustable switching speed from 100 rpm

Tachometer Generators D.C./A.C.

Permanent-excited single units or double units hollow shaft generators overhang generators sturdy versions for marine, vehicles, rolling mills, excavators, etc.

Combined Units

Consisting of the following components on one common shaft:

  • D.C. tachometer generator
  • Incremental encoders
  • Overspeed switch
  • Electronic overspeed switch

Can also be delivered with hollow shaft.

Rotary Field Systems

Phase transformer, A.C. phase shifter, inductive transmitter, selsyn machine rotating indicator

Couplings, Adapter Shafts, Mounting Devices

According to customer's request tailor made

D.C. Machines Motors - Generators - Controllers

Power range from 0,1 up to 2300 kW Special version customer's request:

  • mill-motors acc. to AISE Standards
  • explosion-proof acc. to EEXP-II-F3, EEXD-II-B-T3
  • High degree of protection up to IP 58
  • low voltage range 12 V, 24 V
  • special construction types and mechanical version
  • geared motors
  • high speed range up to 13,000 rpm

Three Phase Special Machines

speed range from 10,000 up to 25,000 rpm permanent-excited generators

A.C. Synchro Servo Motors Brushless Motors

Voltages 24 - 750 V
Power range from 1 - 10 kW/4 - 40 Nm

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