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Wurges Vibration Motors

Wurges Vibration Motors

Without external influence, 2 MV vibration motors can generate two vibration strengths of constant speed, due to the stury mechanism.

This happens quite easily by changing the sense of revolution with a pole reversing switch or little additional application of force with an electric control unit. Here, it is possible to change over directly from right-hand travel to left-hand travel.

With left-hand travel the maximum values are existing. With right-hand travel we have the reduced vibration values.

In addition, directed vibrations can be generated with the 2 MV unbalance system in the known manner with two units, running in adverse direction with respect to each other. Here the mirror image location of the motors in pairs must be observed.

Even the speed control by means of a frequency converter can become possible under reservation. But here, it must be renounced on smooth running the motors.

Thus, for instance, it is possible to work with 3000 vibrations a minute, with left-hand revolution, whereas with right-hand revolution and small torque, working is possible with 6000 revolutions a minute.

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