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Efficient design and documentation of wire harnesses and nailboards
Until now, using a CAD system to design wire harnesses and wires was no easy task. Calculating wire lengths, working out bundle diameters and, most importantly, producing the commercial and production documentation is time and labour intensive. Highly qualified wire harness designers have been using the same manual methods for some time. Result: the wire harness prototype often does not fit perfectly, which means adjustments need to be made before it is ready for production.

EPLAN Harness Expert is revolutionising wire harness and nailboard design

EPLAN Harness Expert is a professional 3D tool connecting the data from the mechanical and electrical construction systems within a single system to allow the efficient development of a wire harness in 3D. EPLAN Harness Expert fits in perfectly with the existing working processes. The system's strengths lie in the automation of the steps involved, from importing the wiring lists from the EPLAN platform to routing the cables and generating the documentation and 2D nailboard drawings. The ability to collate mechanically relevant information from various MCAD systems and the ECAD connection information means that EPLAN Harness Expert has the potential to be seamlessly integrated into PDM environments. If required, the wire harness can even be designed without a mechanical prototype. In brief: development times are reduced, productivity increases and project quality is improved on a continued basis.

EPLAN Harness Expert simplifies the most important stages of the design process:

  • Easy definition of cable and wire harness routes with an intuitive 'point and click' method within the 3-dimensional space
  • Simple adoption of wiring lists and connection information from EPLAN
  • Fully automated routing of wires and cables on previously defined paths
  • Values for bundle diameters and wire lengths are always up to date
  • Tracking of all wire harness elements which belong together, such as wires, cable shoes, connectors, etc.
  • Automatic placement of buffers, stoppers, etc.
  • Test functions: checks on minimum bending radii, cross sections (also AWG) and wire harness collisions and checks on bundle diameters and length restrictions
  • 2D production drawings - from 1:1 pin-board to handy service documents in the scale required
  • Automatic generation of delivery date and material calculations, weight calculations and wiring and parts lists
  • Derivation of control files for wiring and cable assembly machines for optimum production integration
Highlights EPLAN Harness Expert

  • Project management
    Clear management of all documents and information within a wire harness project
  • Variants & options
    Extensive functions for the management of variants and options
  • Form board
    Automatic derivation of a 2D form board diagram from the 3D wire harness
  • Parts lists
    User-defined material and parts lists, cable diagrams and time, cost and weight calculations
  • EPLAN Harness Expert 2D
    Individual form board design in 2D, even without 3D data
  • MCAD integration
    Adoption of 3D data, interfaces to standard MCAD systems and neutral CAD formats
  • Component data
    Individual definition of standard components such as connectors, cables, splices, etc.
  • Data integration
    Open system; seamless integration into the product development process (PEP, PDM)


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