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High Temperature Hose (Hydroscand Hi-Temp)

High Temperature Hose (Hydroscand Hi-Temp)We supply a wide range of high temperature hoses.

Multispiral Rubber Hoses

Multispiral Rubber HosesWe supply a wide range of Multispiral Rubber Hoses.

Multi-purpose Wire Braided Hoses

ThermoplastMulti-purpose Wire Braided Hosesic & PTFE HoseContact us for more information on Multi-purpose Wire Braided Hoses.

Sewer Hoses

Sewer HosesSewer Hoses for a wide range of applications.

High Pressure Hoses

High Pressure HosesWe supply a wide range of pressure hoses.

PTFE Hoses

PTFE HosesContact us for more information on PTFE Hoses.

Pilot Line Hoses

Pilot Line HosesContact us for more information on Pilot Line Hoses.

Paint Spray Hoses

Paint Spray HosesWe supply Paint Spray Hoses.

Moisture Resistant Hose

Moisture Resistant HoseWe supply Moisture Resistant Hose.

Refrigeration Hoses

Refrigeration HosesWe supply Refrigeration Hoses.

Beverage Dispensing Hoses

Beverage Dispensing HosesWe supply Beverage Dispensing Hoses.

Forklift Truck Hoses

Forklift Truck HosesWe supply a wide range of Forklift Truck Hoses.

Rubber Hoses

Rubber HosesContact us for more information on Rubber Hoses.

PTFE Hoses - High Pressure Hose

PTFE Hoses, High Pressure Hose, PTFE Hydraulic Hose, PTFE Hose Manufacturer, PTFE Flexible Hoses Manufacturer, PTFE Hoses, Teflon PTFE Braid HoseA very flexible high pressure hose due to the convulted inner tube. The hose is suitable for most hazardous environments. Large chemical resistance range, low friction and wide temperature range. Age resistant.

Ultra High Pressure Thermoplastic Hoses

Ultra High Pressure Thermoplastic Hoses, Thermoplastic Hose, High Pressure Thermoplastic HoseSpir Star hoses used for extreme working pressures of up to 3 200 Bar.

Industrial Water Hose 10/12 Bar

Industrial Water Hose, Industrial Water HosesA flush hose for industries, construction sites, sports parks and wash halls. Easy to handle, low weight, durable and weather resistant.

Air Pressure Hose - 20 Bar

Air Pressure Hose, Air Pressure HoseAir pressure hose for applications where there is a high demand for abrasion resistance and high working pressures. Suitable in engineering, mining and construction industries.

Compressor Hose 180°C

Compressor Hoss, Compressor Hoses, Air Compressor Hose, Flexible Air Compressor HosesA hose for air connections from compressors on trucks for bulk transportation of powder products. The hose is highly pliable and sustains high temperatures.

Fuel Hose

Fuel Hose, High Pressure Fuel Line Hose, Diesel Fuel Hose, Fuel Tank Hose, Fuel Hose StainlessThis hose is resistant to leaded and unleaded gasoline and diesel. It is suitable for engine aggregates. The hose is delivered on bobbins.

Marine Fuel Hose

Marine Fuel Hose, Marine Fuel HosesA very flexible fuel hose that is resistant to gasoline, unleaded gasoline and diesel. The hose is manufactured according to SS-EN ISO 7840 A1 regarding flame resistance and permeability.

PVC Oil Suction Hose

PVC Oil Suction Hose, PVC Oil Suction HosesThis hose is suitable for suction and pressure applications for paraffin, lubricating oil and mineral based hydraulic oils. It is flexible and easy to handle.

Thermoplastic Hose - Carbon Dioxide Hose

Thermoplastic Hose - Carbon Dioxide HoseA flexible and light thermoplastic hose for carbon dioxide, nitrogen and mixed gases in the beverage industry. Superb length stability, max 2%.

Metal Hoses

Metal Hoses, Metal HoseHydroscand offers a wide range of solutions with different metal hoses, exhaust gas hoses as well as pressure hoses with parallel and spiral wraps.

Pressure Gas Hoses

Pressure Gas Hoses, Pressure Gas HoseThe hose is well suitable for high pressure hydraulics and high pressure gas applications.

PVC Hoses Transparent

PVC Hoses Transparent, PVC HosesA PVC hose with no reinforcement designed for transportation of water and air.
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