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Metal Polymer Bearings

GGB (formerly Garlock Bearings)

Thanks to our global production and supply network, we are able to offer customers throughout the world the industry's most extensive range of self-lubricating and prelubricated plain bearings for literally thousands of applications in scores of industries. Our high-performance bearing specialists have the experience and expertise to provide innovative solutions to even the most challenging applications. As a nimble supplier with flexible manufacturing, we can respond quickly to customer needs with either standard or customized products. And our advanced R&D and testing facilities help us deliver comprehensive solutions and assure their performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Metal-Polymer Materials

GGB’s PTFE based metal-polymer materials offer excellent low friction performance and high wear resistance in a wide range of loads, speeds and temperatures used in metal polymer bearings; with or without external lubrication. These materials are used extensively in a diverse range of industrial and automotive applications. The GGB metal-polymer product range includes DU, DUB, DP4™, DP4B™, DP10™, DP11™, DP31™, DX, DX10, DS™ and HX™.

Solid Polymer Materials

Thermoplastic materials processed by injection moulding. The engineering polymers include PA-based EP™, POM-based EP12™, PBT-based EP22™, PPS-based EP43™ and EP44™, PEEK-based EP63™ and EP64™, and PAI-based EP73™ and EP79™. EP, EP22, EP43 and EP63 are available in standard cylindrical and flanged bearings, as well as special dimensions and shapes. EP22 and EP43 are available as rod stock for prototypes and small serial production. All of the other EP materials are available by special order. Also offered are POM-based Glacetal KA™ and Multilube engineering thermoplastics.

Filament Wound Materials

This range of products typically consists of a filament-wound, fiberglass-impregnated, epoxy backing with a variety of low-friction wear-resistant bearing linings. The reinforced composite structure associated with GAR-MAX®, GAR-FIL®, HSG™, MEGALIFEXT SBC™ with GAR-MAX®, and SBC™ withHSG™,enables the bearing to support high static and dynamic loads. Furthermore, the inert nature of the materials makes these products ideal for corrosive environments such as seawater and acidic environments. The environmentally friendly HPM™ and HPF™ were both specifically developed for hydropower applications, have a high load capacity, excellent shock and edge loading capacity, excellent corrosion resistance, and are dimensionally stable. These products are available as bushes, plates, bearing segments and special forms depending on the particular material type.

Bushings Blocks

High precision bushing blocks made from GGB proprietary aluminium alloys (SICAL 3™, SICAL 3D™ and SICAL 6D™) with very good friction and wear resistance supplied with our without pre-installed GGB metal-polymer cylindrical bearings.

Metal Materials

We have a broad range of monometallic, bimetallic, sinter bronze bearings and our DB™ bearings, which are ideal for industrial applications on both land and underwater. Our range of impregnated solid bronze bearings is intended for use in maintenance-free operations, under moderately high speeds and low loads. Designed for lubricated conditions , our mono- and bimetallic bearings are suitable for use in a wide range of operating conditions.

Other Products

Additional product families to complement the above GGB product portfolio, e.g. specialized housings and assemblies. UNI™, MINI™, and EXALIGN™ self-aligning bearing housings are designed to be used with our range of metal polymer bearings.  The FLASH-CLICK™ special double flanged bearing design can be applied to all of the solid polymer bearing materials.

GGB is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance, self-lubricating and prelubricated bearings, with more than 1,000 employees globally, including production facilities in the U.S., Germany, France, Brazil, Slovakia and China.

Today we serve more than 50,000 customers worldwide in a broad spectrum of applications and industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Pumps/compressors
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Recreational equipment
  • Renewable energy
  • Primary metals
  • General industrial
  • And many more

Offering the industry’s most extensive range of plain bearings, we are well positioned to serve as your single-source supplier. Our product offerings include metal-polymer, solid polymer, filament wound and metal bearings, bushing blocks and many more. These products are available in a variety of forms, including cylindrical wrapped bearings, flanged bearings, thrust washers, strips and special forms manufactured to customers’ specifications.

We also offer industry-leading R&D and testing facilities, flexible manufacturing, superior technical support, and a global network of distributors assuring worldwide product availability.

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