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Specialist in ENGINE SEALS for high performance race engines.

Our race-proven low friction PLS Seals are inherently flexible enabling the sealing lips to maintain full sealing contact with the crankshaft right through the full RPM range of the engine.

Our Duplex Seal format enables the Crankshaft Seal to operate continuously at high vacuum (+25.0" Hg) & high RPM (12,000 RPM) & has been endurance tested for 1000 hours.

This improved performance enables increases in both output HP & Torque while minimising heat generation, & oil film degradation, & reducing risk of shaft wear-grooving.

For all other engine applications our PLS Seals offer the best low friction sealing performance.

Specialist in SUPERCHARGER SEALS for all racing engines.

To meet the demand for higher efficiency / higher output superchargers, GST has developed a range of products capable of meeting & exceeding the performance expectations of most superchargers.

Our PLS Seal designs & material specifications have been developed to provide reliable functioning at high RPM while generating less frictional heat & less shaft wear.

Specialist in RACING TRANSMISSION SEALS for 4 Wheel Drive, Gearbox, Transaxle, & Rear Axles.

In complex 4WD Transmissions such as WRC / Rally Raid / etc, there are many seal applications which accumulatively contribute to significant loss of HP & creation of frictional heating within the transmission. Our PLS Seal technology contributes significantly to race car performance by reducing frictional drag by >50%, & can be designed for every application including active Differentials.

For TRANSAXLES the adoption of PLS Seal technology will significantly reduce friction losses to improve race car performance.

Similarly for REAR AXLES the use of PLS Seals in the Pinion application reduced drag & reduces under-lip wear of the yoke shaft surface.

Specialist in UPRIGHT / HUB SEALS for all race cars.

The low friction, NARROW SEAL concept which we originated for FIA FORMULA 1 has been adopted for Le Mans Series LMP / GT cars & similar Endurance Series around the world. The combination of low friction PLS Seal technology with the space & weight saving of the narrow seal sections reduced rolling resistance & provides measurable performance benefits.

For race series using pre-sealed bearings we offer custom-designed RETROFIT LOW FRICTION SEALS to replace the OEM seals with a GST "RACING SEAL" specification which for most applications will reduce drag by50 -80%.

Specialist in CUSTOM-DESIGN & PROBLEM SOLVING solutions for all racing applications.

For any racing seal application we offer our customers the benefit of >30 years experience in Applications Engineering for the Automotive & Motorsport industries.

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