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Power Quality Meters

Power Quality MeterThe UMG 511 power quality analyser is particularly suitable for monitoring power quality according to standards such as the EN 50160. All power quality parameters are collected and analysed e.g. flicker, short term interruptions with fault recorder function, transients, harmonics up to the 63rd and inrush currents etc.

UMG604 & UMG605 DIN Rail Power Meter

UMG604/605Major increases of energy costs make electrical energy a driving force in costing. With the UMG 604, you can make the first step towards better cost efficiency. The precise collection of all energy data and electrical parameters ensures the necessary amount of transparency in your energy supplies. Concepts can be developed on the basis of the data e.g. electricity cost reductions and the introduction of measures. These targeted improvements can also be monitored and recorded with the UMG 604.

UMG96 Panel Power Meters

UMG96/96L/96SThe UMG 96S is a measurement instrument which is suitable for measuring, recording and monitoring electrical parameters (True-RMS) in low and medium voltage networks. The measurement is suitable for 1 and 3-phase systems with a neutral conductor in low and medium voltage networks.

Prophi Power Factor Controller

Power Factor ControllerThe Prophi® power factor controller has an optimised control mode. The implemented control standard algorithms reduce the number of switching cycles as well as the operating time per capacitor stage.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor CorrectionReactive power is necessary for the generation of electromagnetic fields. Because these fields continuously develop and reduce, the reactive power fluctuates between producers and users. In contrast to active power, reactive power they cannot be used i.e. cannot be converted into another form of energy and strain the electricity supply network and the production equipment (generators and transformers). Furthermore, all energy distribution systems must be constructed larger for the allocation of

Relay Testing Equipment

Test EquipmentEquipment used for primary and secondary injection. Ideal for protection engineers in the field. The devices are portable and are software supported for easy reporting.
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