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Low Density Polyethylene

Low Density PolyethyleneA low cost, low density Polyethylene available in roll form.

Anti Static Polyethylene

Anti Static PolyethyleneClosed cell foam for static discharge protection available in rolls or planks.

Expanded Polystyrene Foam

Expanded Polystyrene FoamA molded polystyrene foam used in packaging applications and also insulation applications.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA)PSA is an adhesive which forms a bond when pressure is applied to marry the adhesive with the product(s) you are attempting to bring together.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble WrapWide range of sizes including 1/2", 5/16", 3/16", and 1/8" bubble offer protection from shock and vibration.

Conductive Foam

Conductive FoamUsed in shipment of integrated circuits to protect against electrostatic discharge.

Plastic Corrugated

Plastic CorrugatedUseful for totes, dunnage, and applications which require high strength corrugated.


STYROFOAM® SE & TGStyrofoam Square Edge (SE) (aka Styrofoam SB or SM) and Styrofoam Tongue & Groove (Styrofoam TG) are extruded polystyrene foam smooth skin boards

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated BoxesWe also provide plain, craft boxes for packaging.


TRYMER®Rigid Polyurethane foam for insulation. Also used as a fibrous glass support material.


STYROFOAM® BBPolystyrene foam buoyancy billets for marine floating structures.


STYROFOAM® DBStyrofoam Decorative Billets are 1.8 pounds per cubic ft. extruded Polystyrene foam for use in floral, novelty, and display applications.


Title Required  Short Description Required   Detailed Description  Usage: This detailed description appears on the product detail page itself.  Picture Required  Upload image in JPG, GIF, or PNG format. Maximum file size 4MB.  Picture CommentPanel Core is an extruded polystyrene foam core material and thermal insulation supplied in precisely trimmed and planed sheets for composite panel manufacturing.


STYROFOAM® HLStyrofoam High-Load is extruded Polystyrene foam used as insulation where high load bearing is required.

Multiple Density Laminates (MDL)

Multiple Density Laminates (MDL)Polyethylene hybrid foam used for cushion packaging, especially when a living hinge is used in endcaps.

Rigid Urethane High Density

Rigid Urethane High DensityRigid urethane foam can be used in structural applications at a lower weight than metal or wood.

Flexible Foam Polyether Urethane

Flexible Foam Polyether UrethanePolyether urethane is a lower density flexible urethane foam used in industrial packaging applications where higher loads are involved.

Flexible Foam Polyester Urethane

Flexible Foam Polyester UrethanePolyurethane foam, used in display packaging, cushion packaging, acoustic applications, case inserts, medical applications, and gasketing applications.

Foam Rubber Blends

Foam Rubber BlendsFoam rubber blends have applications in industrial gasketing, flotation, insulation, and athletic padding.

Custom Extruded PE Shapes

Custom Extruded PE ShapesExtruded PE foam is available in a wide variety of tubes, shapes, colors, and sizes in any density of Polyethylene.
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