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Our compliance services are designed to provide customers with a range of support to help them meet their legal obligations and to ensure assets and equipment comply with the ever increasing demands of the various offshore and working environment legislation.

Crucially, this includes the audit and review of all statutory HVACR responsibilities, compilation of reports and the making of recommendations.

HVACR Equipment Installation, commissioning, maintenance and system integrity are core to our service offering and, as specialists in our field, we offer our customers the assurance of a high level of expertise. We also provide dedicated campaign maintenance and integrity management services, incorporating systems performance monitoring, ensuring equipment is operating as per design and operational requirements.


Breakdown & Planned Repair & Maintenance

Our team of service engineers and technicians travel the globe, often at very short notice, to assist clients with equipment breakdowns and system failures.

They also carry out scheduled maintenance to specialist HVACR equipment that the client’s core crew may not be entirely familiar with.

The cost of preventing system failure, particularly in warm climates, is far less than the potential consequences arising from such breakdowns, in terms of lost drilling or production, and the effect of HVACR system failure on the health, safety and welfare of offshore personnel.



Our team of installation engineers and technicians are qualified and experienced at installing all component equipment and parts that make up an HVACR system, including: ductwork, dampers, fans, air conditioning equipment, refrigeration plant, electrics and instrumentation.

We specialise in both hazardous and non hazardous areas offshore.



Commissioning and rebalancing is essential to ensure that systems are achieving their design performance. We perform commissioning and recommissioning of all air conditioning and refrigeration plant as well as air balancing of ventilation equipment, abroad offshore facilities, vessels and onshore installations.



With the growing volume and complexity of legislation governing offshore installations We provide our clients with the management of their compliance in terms of HVACR responsibilities for health & safety on board the installation.

Our Compliance Services are designed to provide customers with LEV testing, leak detection, refrigerant compliance etc to ensure assets and equipment comply with the ever increasing demands of the offshore and working environment regulations and legislation. Crucially, this includes the review and audit of all statutory HVACR responsibilities, compilation of reports and recommendations.

Once our recommendation has been customer approved we will carry out any immediate work to meet compliance and provide customers with the option to engage us on an ongoing annual management compliance service contract.


Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is an integral part of any assets maintenance regime, but in addition controlling ducting deposits and monitoring their build up is essential to maintain hygiene standards and reduce fire risks in heating and ventilation systems.

Regular inspection and cleaning of ductwork is a basic requirement of health & safety, since spores and micro organisms that grow in dirty ducts can be responsible for respiratory problems suffered by offshore personnel.

Utilising a Duct Deposit Measuring System, which has been specifically designed to meet the     requirements of the DTT (Deposit Thickness Test) in the HVCA’s (Heating & Ventilation Contractor’s Association) Guide to Good Practice, our operatives can generate an ‘instant’ report which clearly displays the measurement of dust and grease deposits within ventilation systems before and after cleaning and calculates the differences between the readings.

As an additional check to system integrity we perform a detailed, up-close visual inspection in tight and hard to reach spaces, utilizing a state of the art micro inspection camera, before, during and after the cleaning programme.


Spares Unlimited

We have established relationships with a wide variety of major manufacturers enabling us to source a large range of engineering equipment & spares efficiently at competitive prices.  Spares Unlimited also supports our repairs and maintenance operations by ensuring prompt intake then delivery of materials to site.

Baseline auditing and inspection enables an accurate picture to be developed as to the condition and performance of system equipment. This enables client to identify where remedial action is required and to produce accurate budgets for future years’ expenditure based on actual, rather than perceived, equipment replacement needs.

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