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Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd

Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of industrial brakes and industrial clutches to the manufacturing and processing industries throughout the world. Industrial Clutch Parts are manufacturers and distributors of brakes, clutches, couplings and friction material to the Paper, Packaging, Steel, Food Processing, Engineering, Marine, Wind Energy and Manufacturing industries.

Industrial Clutch Parts supplies product manufactured by the following companies:

  • AP Industrial Clutch - AP Industrial Clutch is a world leading company in the design and manufacture of clutch and powertrain products for the industrial, agricultural and marine market sectors.
  • Brembo - OE Industrial Brake Caliper for Industrial & Automotive applications. Industrial Clutch Parts distribute a wide range of calipers distinguished by the “Engineered by Brembo” logo to suit industrial applications under Brembo’s license and know-how.
  • Bremskerl - Mechanical engineering in general, Bremskerl are manufacturers of electromagnetic clutches and brakes, paper production plants.
  • Chaintail - Chain tail offers more than a thousand types of clutch and brake parts and assemblies to customers.
  • Deublin - Deublin Company is the leading manufacturer of Rotating Unions – a mechanical device that allows transfer of pressurized fluid from a stationary source into rotating machinery for heating, cooling or transfer of fluid power.
  • ETP - ETP are specialists in the connection of shafts and hubs using friction instead of keyways.
  • Frenos Sauleda - A company dedicated to the production and distribution of friction material for clutch facings and industrial brakes.
  • Friction Technology - Friction Technology Ltd supply a wide range of friction materials, brake pads, brake shoes, brake bands, discs, clutches and brake and clutch spares for every kind of application.
  • Goizper - Goizper manufacture a high quality range of Pneumatic and Hydraulic clutches and brakes for industrial applications.
  • Gummi - Gummi manufactures a variety of industrial clutches, brakes, couplings & rotary unions for the global power transmission markets.
  • Hilliard - The Hilliard Corporation offers a broad line of motion control products, oil filtration and reclaiming equipment, starters for industrial gas, diesel engines and gas turbines, and plate and frame filter presses.
  • Hillmar Industries - Hillmar Industries has established itself as an international leader in the design and manufacturing of storm brakes, thrusters, thruster disc brakes, hydraulic power units, industrial disc brakes and cable reels.
  • ICP Drum Brake - ICP distributes a range of crane & storm brakes. The products is sourced from leading professional manufacturers from various locations throughout Europe and the Far East.
  • ICP Products - A complete range of replacement spares including: friction pads, calipers, brake discs, airtubes, springs and blower fans for use on pneumatic tension brakes.
  • Intorq - Introq in Aerzen produces brakes and clutches for many different areas of daily life.
  • Nexen - Nexen Group™ is a leading manufacturer of brakes, clutches, torque limiters, overload protection devices, and control systems.
  • PEC - PEC Power Take-Offs are designed to fit all internal combustion engines with standard SAE flywheel housing dimensions from No. 6 through No. 0.
  • Tollok - Tollok SpA was founded in 1979 and from the start concentrated on cone clamping elements.
  • Warner - Warner Electric has the application experience and product offerings to provide the professional assistance to help you develop the automation systems you need for improved manufacturing efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Westcar - Westcar Fluid couplings are manufactured to the highest specification for smooth start applications.
  • WPT - WPT Power Transmission is an international manufacturer of pneumatic and hydraulic PTO’s, clutches and brakes for a broad range of industrial and petroleum applications.

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd is a global specialist supplier of brakes, clutches, couplings and friction material to all types of industry. Our in depth technical knowledge and experience ensures that we are able to offer the best possible clutch/brake solution for each and every application.

Industries we supply include: Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemical, Energy, Engineering, Food, Gas, Leisure, Marine, Mining, Oil, Paper, Packaging, Renewable, Steel, Theatre and Wind.

AP Industrial Clutch, Brembo, Bremskerl, Coremo Ocmea, Deublin, ETP, Ferodo, FrictionTechnology, Goizper,Gummi, Hilliard, Intorq, KEB, Lenze, Mayr, Monninghoff, Nexen, Sibre, Siegerland Bremsen, Simplatroll, Telcomec, Tollok, Westcar, WPT Power Transmission, etc.

Industrial Clutch Parts have the largest Stock of Genuine WPT, Coremo, & Goizper parts in the U.K. Our brakes & clutches are completely interchangeable with Applications, Twiflex, Twin Disc, Wichita etc. We can inspect and advise on the condition, maintenance and performance of any pneumatic, electromagnetic or hydraulic clutch and brake unit.

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