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Microfilm Scanners - History and Back-file conversion guide

In 1987, MEKEL started the development of the M400 16 mm/35 mm roll film Digitizer. This unit has successfully entered production in 1988, and has been sold worldwide. The M400 is designed for large conversions of roll microfilm to digital format. After conversion, the data may be stored on optical or magnetic media for rapid retrieval, using one of the many systems that are available. The M400 scaned the microfilm continuously using a high-resolution linear array CCD camera. Some of the standard features include: unattended operation; selectable resolution of 100-400 dpi; leading and trailing edge image detection; and image enhancement. In 1995, MEKEL introduced the M500 microfilm scanner, replacing the M400 series. The M500 represents a next-generation development, featuring a larger CCD camera, state-of-the-art electronics, faster scanning speeds, improved imaging and expanded film handling capabilities.

MEKEL introduced the M460 Microfiche Digitizer at the AIIM 91 Show. The same technology and features as those offered in the M400 are incorporated in the fiche scanner (i.e., interface, throughput, resolution, etc.). In addition, the M460 incorporated a unique, automatic fiche loader in order to achieve unattended operation. The next microfiche scanner production configuration was the M460XL; this model incorporated an automatic pre-scan feature. In early 1997, the 2nd generation M560 Microfiche Scanner made its debut incorporating a larger CCD camera for higher resolution and faster throughput.

On the heels of the M560, MEKEL introduced the production M500 Gray Scale (M500GS) Microfilm Scanner with enhanced flexibility and new electronics designed to maximize the gray scale image throughput. At AIIM '99 Mekel introduced three new scanners to it line of microfilm and microfiche scanners. These are the low-end M520 microfilm scanner, and the M560APS microfiche scanner, and the M560GS grayscale microfiche scanner.

All the MEKEL scanners carry the CE label In addition, MEKEL scanners feature full compliance with U.S. UL, safety and FCC emissions standards.

Photo-Citation Scanners

This application relates to the processing of film rolls and film strips taken by photographic cameras directed at recording vehicular traffic violations for generating law enforcement citations. More particularly, it pertains to automating and speeding the acquisition of specific locations and magnifications in the film positive or negative strip through an external control and with a monitor by placing a cursor that allows a human operator to specify and capture the correct feature of interest in the film.

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