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Raster To Vector Software

Raster To Vector Software

CadCam R2V is highly manageable and professional document converter that automatically converts scanned drawings into files easily editable in any PC CAD, CNC, GIS or any other mapping program. Its chief features are.

  • Vectoring documents quickly and easily in CAD.
  • All drawing sizes are available without any specification to size.
  • Can convert all standard raster files like TIFF, BMP, CALS, PNG and JPG etc.
  • Produces raster files in binary i.e. black & white images.
  • Both raster and vector editing tools available for presenting skilled works.
  • Available at a very competitive price.
  • Optional printed manual and free technical support.
  • Can function with any PC (Windows '95, '98, NT4, 2000 or XP).

How working with CadCam R2V is a 100% satisfied job?

Maybe there are hundreds of raster-to-vector converters but you should choose the one that saves your time immensely. In fact conversion is intended to save your valuable time. CadCam R2V stands for all that you would like to see in your produced documents.

  • CadCam R2V has the maximum capacity of conversion features that you have thought of:
  • CadCam R2V meets all difficulties related with program and avoids any untidy or poor featured productions. It takes shortest possible time to create a conversion.
  • CadCam R2V is very specific on recording the truly original papers and does not produce a corrupted document with a mess of texts and images
  • CadCam R2V files are very suitable with all types of CAD programs, paper sizes and scanners so our works are highly manageable
  • CadCam R2V is among one of the few fastest converters of the latest technology. It converts documents in seconds

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