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Laboratory Weighing Scale

Mettler-Toledo Ltd

METTLER TOLEDO is the world’s largest manufacturer of weighing equipment and one of the leading suppliers of analytical instruments and manufacturers of product inspection technology, with nearly a century of product innovation and industry leadership. Our extensive product range includes:
  • Industrial scales
  • Weighing terminals
  • Checkweighers
  • Metal Detection
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Dimensioning equipment
  • Weighbridges
  • Laboratory balances
  • Analytical instruments

Products with Universal Appeal
METTLER TOLEDO produces a broad range of precise weighing equipment and systems with accuracies to one tenth of a millionth of a gramme and capacities of up to hundreds of tonnes, as well as instruments which measure a multitude of values in a host of analytical techniques.

Our products are widely used throughout industry, commerce and science - in chemical plants, food processing operations, baking, brewing, engineering, electronics, education, healthcare, research, retail, textiles and many more areas.

Laboratory Weighing
METTLER TOLEDO is probably best known for its laboratory balances. Micro and ultra-micro balances are used in elemental analysis, for calibrating masses and checking other balances, measuring pollution in the air or water and other very fine analytical techniques where tiny samples are used, as well as in precise chemical and pharmaceutical research.

Instruments for electrochemistry include pH meters and electrodes (including specialist electrodes for harsh environments) titrators, thermal analysers, dissolved oxygen meters and a new type of moisture analyser which uses halogen lamps to heat samples for complete control, repeatability of results and accuracy.

Industrial Weighing
In production and industrial areas, robust industrial scales and weighing systems can be used to weigh stationary and moving loads from a few kilogrammes to several hundred tonnes. Load cells, platforms and indicators can all be inter-linked and controlled for complete industrial weighing systems and are available in ‘Ex’ versions as well. For mines, quarries and aggregate companies, digital load cells and weighbridges are available which are guaranteed against lightning strikes.

Product Inspection
METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection is the world’s leading supplier of in-line checkweighers, sophisticated metal contaminant detectors and cutting-edge X-ray based inspection technology.

The metal detection brand Safeline is the worldwide equipment and service leader in product contaminant detection and quality assurance in the food and pharmaceutical industries, offering access to the most complete package of metal detection and x-ray inspection equipment and support services available.

METTLER TOLEDO Garvens is the specialist for in-line checkweighing and dynamic weighing systems. In addition to products for weighing, GARVENS offers customised solutions worldwide for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and transport and logistics industries.

Within the world of Retail, we offer networked and standalone solutions for weighing, wrapping and labelling fresh foods. Self-service solutions enable customers to weigh and label their own produce reducing checkout time.

Scale management systems manage item pricing, merchandising and regulatory information that is printed on labels while item and inventory management software enables you to match store inventory levels with local shopper demand.

We also provide a wide range of software and the ability to connect to peripheral equipment, computers and LIMS. And, as you might expect, we can help you comply with GLP or GMP and a host of national and international quality standards.

The World of Servicing
We have built our reputation on precision and reliability. So, when it comes to maintaining precision, no-one is better qualified to take care of it than METTLER TOLEDO.

Our service division provides installation & commissioning, failure preventative measurement and repair & calibration services to meet your individual needs. A force of 50 Field Service Engineers and a fleet of specialist vehicles operate throughout mainland UK taking care of everything from micro balances to weighbridges, as well as our full range of analytical instruments. All servicing work on our range of weighing products is covered by ISO9002 and we also provide a calibration service to the exacting standards of NAMAS.

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