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Micro Metalsmiths

Brass and Aluminium Castings

Since 1964 the Micro Metalsmiths' precision investment casting process still leads the field in the production of small, finely detailed and often very complex aluminium castings and brass castings.

Having established a reputation for world excellence in engineering and the production of precision investment cast components, Micro Metalsmiths' aluminium castings and brass castings are manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001 approved quality system.

Metal Assembly

Micro Metalsmiths is unique in its range of in-house production capabilities. Its assembly facility uses many techniques in additional to the aluminium castings and brass castings and machining technologies avilable. These allow the designer to choose the most advantageous construction method, whether it be for a simple bend, complex OMT, rotating joint, or complete waveguide front end, for air, sea, land or space application.

Metal Design and Development

Micro Metalsmiths realises that as the requirements of the RF and Microwave industry become more demanding a fast up-front design effort is imperative. Micro Metalsmiths products are realised using state of the art microwave design and simulation software, including a specially developed package for filter components.

Metal Manufacturing

Since 1964 the foundry has been developed and expanded, specialising in copper, brass and aluminium alloys. The company operates 18 CNC machining centres. The process provides designers with a fast and cost effective method for small batch requirements or for quantities up to 500,000 per annum.

Micro Metalsmiths combines many skills, and although some might say diverse, these skills and technologies form the basis of a forward looking customer orientated company. The core technology is our precision investment casting foundry, this gives Micro Metalsmiths the ability to take a customers concept and achieve reality in a cost effective manner, forming complex shapes without the need for machining from solid.

Combine this with microwave design, drafting, machining and assembly skills, and the result is a microwave design and manufacturing facility ready to supply standard and customised solutions for the challenges of the RF & microwave electronics industry, into and beyond the 21 st century.

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