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Vacuum lifting system - vacuum tube lifter

Palamatic Handling Systems Ltd

The transporting of heavy, awkward loads accounts for many workplace injuries. Palamatic offer a wide range of vacuum or air powered lifting equipment to handle loads of 5kg - 10 tonne. Our systems are already employed around the world in all types of industry and suit many materials handling/heavy lifting application.

Over the last few years there has been a move across all industries toreduce or eliminate the need for manual handling, generally with the intention to minimise workplace injuries and the possibility of costly insurance claims.

In a recent survey of customers, Palamatic discovered that what the market is looking for is tailored solutions designed to meet specific lifting or handling problems. Luckily, this has been a core competencyfor Palamatic
Handling Systems for almost two decades. Our lifting systems can eliminate the risk of injury from handling heavy weights or making awkward movements. At the same time they can increase productivity.

We think it is vital that the systems our customers use is matched to their operating needs and procedures. The recently introduced Palamatic Service Plan also provides clients with spare parts and service back-up to enhance any system's working life.

Palamatic equipment ranges from simple battery powered trolleys to vacuum lifters and pneumatic manipulators, plus a range of systems designed to meet
ATEX environmental requirements. "We aim to have equipment available to suit any project on any budget, from retail stores to blue chip multinationals," says Sales and Marketing Manager Rob Andrews

* Today's range of lifting solutions can be matched to almost any handling process but the following checklist should provide a useful guide when making a selection. The system should:
* prevent product damage
* be efficient
* increase productivity
* eliminate health and safety concerns
* provide a safe working environment for the operator
* minimise labour costs or increase labour effectiveness
* operate at optimum speed
* be cost effective.

The benefits of using lifting equipment can be measured in a variety of ways - for example through increased production or simply a more effective distribution of labour. An important factor to bear in mind is the fact that the cost of a single accident could easily outweigh the initial outlay of installing a safer, more efficient system.

Palamatic also offer a full range of automatic and semi automatic sack opening machines that increase the speed of sack opening operations and provide an enclosed, safe environment for operators handling dusty products, meeting COSHH regulations.

Palamatic aim to solve manual handling problems in any industry, from food process areas and cleanrooms to warehousing and packaging, by understanding the customers requirements through mutual discussion and working partnerships.

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