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Iron Core Inductor

Iron Core Inductor

Iron core inductors are the solution when space is limited. Iron core inductors offer high capacity in a varied range of sizes. We design and manufacture iron core inductors using iron or special alloys. RMS has supplied iron core inductors for use in a variety of applications including, AC load banks, audio equipment, high energy physics, industrial power supplies, inverter systems, power conditioning, rapid transit, and many others.

RMS also designs and manufactures powered iron core inductors. Powered iron core inductors are manufactured with a nonconductive powder that assists in the reduction of eddy currents to increase frequency and current capabilities.

Iron core inductors allow high inductance value but are limited in high frequency capacity due to hysteresis and eddy current losses. Iron core inductors are an option for low frequency applications such as audio and power line. However, laminated sheet material as well as silicon steel may be used in iron core inductors to mitigate hysteresis losses.

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