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Chemical Analysis

Chemical AnalysisThe importance of knowledge regarding composition can not be over-stated. Understanding the microstructure can only be accomplished by selecting the proper etchant, which is a function of alloy composition.

Corrosion Investigation

Corrosion InvestigationAn understanding of component configuration and environment and prior processing is important. Corrosion by-products are analyzed via SEM / EDS to characterize the chemical reactions that are necessary to produce the corrosion film.

Failure Analysis

Failure AnalysisFailure analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data and performing other pertinent test to determine the cause of a failure.

Material Processing

Material ProcessingMaterial processing is part of the part of the 3-legged stool along with mechanical testing and material selection. Forging, hot working, cold working, extrusion, heat treating, cooling rates are examples of processing techniques.

Material Selection

Material SelectionMaterial Selection is part of the 3-legged stool along with mechanical testing and material processing. Steel represents approximately 90% of what metallic components are made from.

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical TestingMechanical testing is part of the 3-legged stool with material selection and material processing. Mechanical testing measures material properties and characteristic performance.

Metallurgy Testing

Metallurgy TestingMetallurgy testing is a skill, an art, a science to reveal prior processing of materials. Samples are polished to a mirror finish, etched in acid, to reveal the grain structure, impurities, and other features.

Non Destructive Testing

Non Destructive TestingThe presence of surface cracks can be determined via liquid dye penetrant. X-ray and ultrasonics can locate internal cracks.

Software Modeling

Software ModelingReitz Consulting offers a wide variety of options for your software modeling needs ranging from BoltCalc, CFS, MITCalc and Engineering Tool Box.
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