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Digital Weight Indicators: Avery Weigh-Tronix, GSE Systems & Rice Lake

Digital Weight Indicators

Superior Scale sells a large assortment of digital weight indicators available for various applications.


Avery Weigh-Tronix Model 1080
Easy to use in general weighing applications, the Model 1080 combines the capabilities of process control interface and data management. Uncomplicated, the 1080 provides process control and data management to most standard and customconfigured weighing platforms using bench and floor scales. With the advantage of the built-in network interfaces (Ethernet 10/100, PROFIBUS® and DeviceNet™), the indicator/controller is ideally suited for sharing data in tank weighing and truck scale applications.

Avery Weigh-Tronix Model 250X
The Model 250X Digital Indicator meets your extreme needs for equipment that can handle high pressure and high temperature cleaning with water and solvents.

Rated IP69K for High Temp, High Pressure Washdown
Food-Grade, High Impact Plastic Enclosure
Built-in Checkweighing Functionality



Avery Weigh-Tronix Model E1310
If increasing the role of automation in your process is essential to improving your productivity, you are probably already exploring smarter machines and faster, more versatile networks. The task of maintaining effective weight data management and process control is a mission ideally suited to the E1310 Programmable Indicator/Controller.

The E1310 has all the bases covered from one application to another, one communication environment to the next. It possesses the power, flexibility and speed to implement the most advanced thinking in weight measurement, process control and effective communication.


Avery Weigh-Tronix Model E1110
The Evolution E1110 indicator represents superb value in configurable weighing instrumentation and control technology, developed by Avery Weigh- Tronix's application engineers drawing on over 150 years of world-wide experience. Housed in stainless steel enclosure suitable for wash down, this indicator comes packed with a host of powerful, configurable weighing solutions. The E1110 offers built-in applications and flexibility previously only achievable using programmable indicators often costing much more and requiring custom software.

Avery Weigh-Tronix Model E1010
The Avery Weigh-Tronix Indicator E1010 features an exclusive stainless steel enclosure with a NEMA 6/4X rating from Underwriters Laboratory (UL), the highest ratings ever given to a weight indicator. This exceptional rating is due to the Model E1010's imperviousness to moisture and resistant to washdown pressure. It is ideal for food and manufacturing industries as well as wet, dry, indoor and outdoor environments.

The Model E1010 also features new light emitting display technology with large digits (0.8 inch) providing superior readability. The lighted digital readout is projected clearly making it easily seen from a distance or in dim, steamy or dust-prone indoor environments as well as outdoor environments.

Avery Weigh-Tronix Model W-125 LED
Enclosed in a stainless steel NEMA 4X case, the WI-125 LED Indicator will serve you effectively in wet or dry environments. And its crisp, easy-reading LED display will speed any weighing process.

Avery Weigh-Tronix Model WI-127
The WI-127 Indicator from Weigh-Tronix is proving to be the instrument of choice in thousands of industrial settings. It brings a full spectrum of standard features and a flexible options package which make it easily adaptable to almost any application. Seldom will you find the opportunity to purchase a single instrument with this much power and functionality.

GSE Model 350/355 Digital Weight Indicator

Engineered to be the Best in its class, the Model 350/355 delivers the performance and Quality you expect from the lead in weighting instrumentation.


Weight Checking
System Integration
Process Control
Food processing
Parts Counting

GSE Model 460/465 Digital Indicator
Designed to outperform and outlast all comparable indicators, the Model 460 and 465 offer unparalleled performance and value. Equipped with the industries most sophisticated parameter map and programmable features, the 460 series indicators deliver easy to use operation with flexibility to meet your application requirements now and in the future.

Truck Weighing Programs
Checkweighing Routines
Parts Counting & Inventory Control
Filling and Batching
Multi-Range Scale Indication
Peak Weight Hold


GSE Model 560/562 Digital Indicator
The Model 560 / 562 Indicators offer unparalleled performance in an upper mid range weigh indicator. Equipped with a comprehensive parameter map, programmable features and a multitude of option modules, The 560 series is the indicator of choice for appellations that require value, quality and performance. Standard factory operation is available for a variety of applications and all applications can be easily modified by factory trained technicians for custom applications.

GSE Model 600 Weigh Controllers
Field programmable weigh based process controllers designed to perform in diverse industries, environments and applications.

Totally programmable controllers. Our user "C" development kit expedites application development. All operator prompts, process control, communication and data management functions can be controlled using the standard "C" programming language.

GSE Model 250
The versatile Model 250 was designed to accommodate a wide range of weighing applications that require fast accurate weight readings. The flexible enclosure can be panel mounted, sit on a desktop, or mounted on an indicator column.

Rice Lake 120
This general purpose weighing Simplified bench or floor scale applications that don't require a tare feature.

Large .8" (20.3 mm) Light Emitting Diode (LED) Display
Configurable analog to digital measurement rate
Power for four 350? load cells
Load cell quick disconnect plug
Primary/secondary units configuration: lb, kg, ounces, grams
5-button operation
Two independent communication ports: (1) full duplex, (1) unidirectional or active 20 mA current loop
Standardized EDP command sets
Programmable ticket formats up to two 300-character printouts
Full front-panel digital calibration and configuration
Tilt stand Three-stage digital filtering
Consecutive transaction numbering
Time and date

High-performance Digital Weight Indicator 920i
The new 920i is the first programmable indicator/controller to blend revolutionary user interfaces, total flexibility and ultimate processing performance with the simplicity of a basic weight indicator.

The 920i is more than a weight indicator. It's microprocessor based control that will reshape your perception of programmable instrumentation. But don't be intimidated by its sophistication. Simplicity is as much a part of the 920i as advanced technology.


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