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Synchro ERP Ltd

Synchro ERP is an Industry Specific Focused Solution.Since 1975


Synchro is completely dedicated to and specializes in the Cast Metal Industry. Synchro ERP a specific software ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) developed to meet the unique and exclusive requirements for each of the sub manufacturer’s within the sector:

    Iron Foundry ERP Software Steel Sand Foundry ERP Software Centrifugal Casters ERP Software Aluminum Sand Foundry (Aluminium) ERP Software Diecasting (Pressure Diecaster) ERP Software Gravity Diecasting (Permanent Molder) ERP Software Precision Moulder (Precision Molder) ERP Software Investment Casting ERP Software Loss Wax & Lost Foam Casting ERP Software
A fully integrated system which facilitates extensive control of your business. Our software offers depth and breadth of function with a wide range of flexible facilities designed to meet the unique requirements of your company.

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