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System Devices UK Ltd

System Devices UK Ltd provide support and products from Opto22, Epson robotics, Maple Terminals, Acromag, Aaxeon and Brentek to customers in the UK and Ireland.

Ethernet IO and programmable automation controllers are just a few of the programmable controller and distributed IO systems that we provide.

Our portfolio of products covers the whole range and of hardware and software used in data acquisition, automation control, process automation and SCADA control systems.

From solid state relays to distributed intelligent IO solutions utilising MODBUS, Profibus, RS485, Devicenet and Ethernet networks. Providing connectivity to a whole range of real world assets such as digital, analogue and serial PLC/legacy equipment.

These products are perfectly complemented by our range of extensive robots from Epson Factory Automation. This range of robots covers linear AC servos, SCARA and 6-axis kinetic robot arms. Based on the proven SPEL language, Epson RC software seamlessly integrates all aspects of intregrated cell controls into onepowerful PC based environment.

Opto 22 IO Products

Opto 22 manufactures hardware and software products that link all kinds of electrical, mechanical, and electronic devices and machines to networks and computers.

Ethernet IO, programmable automation controllers (PAC), logic controllers, analogue IO, digital IO, serial IO, machine to machine systems, SCADA and other data acquisition and distributed control solutions are all available from Opto 22.

Opto 22 controllers, I/O (input and output modules), solid-state relays, and software are used for industrial automation, remote monitoring, data acquisition, and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

Epson Factory Automation

Epson Factory Automation products provide SCARA, 6 axis and linear servo robotics systems. Programmed using PC based controllers in the RC420 and RC520 platforms help seemless integration of high speed, very repeatable pick and place robotic systems. For the entry level requirement, our RC170 controller system should appeal. Machine vision systems enable the robots to perform visual inspection on a number of vision inspected components.

EPSON robots reflect over 50 years of experience in the construction and operation of modern assembly automation. Since the market introduction of our robots in 1980, we count among the leading suppliers in this sector.

xLogic SuperRelay PLC System

Manufactured in China by Easy Electronic Co.Ltd, the SuperRelay provides the perfect alternative to Low Cost PLCs and Basic Relays.

The xLogic SuperRelay is a compact and expandable CPU replacing mini PLC's, multiple timers, relays and counters. The xLogic SuperRelay perfectly fits in the space between timing relays and low-end PLCs. Each CPU incorporates not only a real-time clock and calendar, but also provides support for optional expansion I/O modules to enhance control and monitoring applications.

The xLogic SuperRelay is the ideal solution for relay / PLC replacement, or simple control applications as building and parking lot lighting, access control, watering systems, pump control,ventilation systems,home automation and a wide field of applications demandingl ow cost to be a primary design issue.

OPC Systems.NET

With easy click and point connection to any OPC supported hardware, OPC Systems.NET allows you to build powerful desktop, web and mobile applications with no coding required.

Reliable data recording into SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL or Access is also easy and you can create reports to PDF, Excel, Word, or simple text and graphic files too. All with no coding required.

Used by JBT Aerotech to create their airport monitoring system iOPS™. A Suite that links maintenance management systems and aircraft avionics data to critical ground-based monitoring, diagnostic and tracking systems on gate equipment, baggage handling, facility systems and ground support equipment.

We are certain that OPC Systems.NET can bring affordable, easily managed solutions to your business too, so give us a call to arrange your free, no obligation demo.

Maple Terminals and HMI's

From the most cost effective HMI colour systems on the market today through to Ethernet based connectivity to a wide range of programmable automated controllers and programmable logic controllers. Maple Systems is unique in the industrial marketplace. We are operator interface (OIT) experts who have specialized in the design, manufacture and support of operator interface solutions for nearly 20 years. This specialized experience is evident in the quality, versatility and affordability of each of our operator interface terminals.

Acromag IO Products

Ethernet IO, MODBUS RTU IO, Profibus DP IO are just a few of the distributed IO offerings from Acromag. Providing Ethernet IO Peer to Peer capability as well as distributed and remote IO solutions. Acromag's product line encompasses a wide variety of I/O devices for manufacturing, military, scientific, public utility, and transportation applications.

Aaxeon Industrial Ethernet Products

Aaxeon offer a range of industrialised Ethernet switches. The Lanolinx Ethernet Switches meet both Fibre and Industrial networking needs. Our Lanolinx Industrial Ethernet Switches and Fibre Ethernet Switches are the most cost effective solutions for your Ethernet needs.

Our line of Lanolinx Industrial Ethernet Switches has been designed to meet the demanding specifications of the industrial automation and transportation markets. We offer 5 and 8 port Ethernet Switches with optional Fibre capability. To meet the requirement for faster route redundancy, we offer Redundant Ring with 300 ms route recovery. Lanolinx Industrial Ethernet Switches are the most cost effective solutions for your Ethernet needs.

Complementing our Industrial Ethernet Switches we also offer a range of devices such as:

  • Media Convertors
  • Serial to Ethernet Convertors
  • Industrial Bluetooth
  • Industrial USB

Axiomtek Industrialised Ethernet Swiches and Power Supplies

Perfectly complimenting our existing products, the Axiomtek range of high quality industrialised ethernet switches and power supplies are available at a very cost effective price..

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