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Laser Marking Systems

Laser Marking SystemThere is one company known not just for innovation and leadership in laser marking technology, but also for problem-solving prowess. Telesis was one of the first to apply fiber lasers for marking applications, and we now offer a wide range of laser systems for a multitude of marking and material processing applications.

PINSTAMP® Dot Peen Marking

Dot Peen MarkingFully programmable PINSTAMP® Single and Multi-Pin Marking Systems are based on Telesis' original, patented "Floating Pin" design. A pneumatically driven and returned metal pin permanently indents the marking surface with either dot matrix or continuous line characters - even logos, graphics or 2-D Codes*.

Scribe Marking System

Scribe Marking SystemTeleScribe® marking systems from Telesis Technologies are the preferred choice when low-noise marking is required. Sometimes called "drop and drag" or scratch marking, scribe marking is an established standard for VIN marking and other applications where the noise of a standard dot peen marker is a concern.

Unique Identification (UID) & Data Matrix Marking

Data Matrix MarkingTelesis Technologies is the leader in U.S. Department of Defense UID compliant permanent marking technology. Business Rule 14 of the UID Guide requires permanent Data Matrix markings on certain components supplied to the Department of Defense.

CO2 Laser Markers

CO2 Laser MarkersProven CO-Series CO2 RF-excited, sealed-tube laser marking systems provide a galvo-steered beam designed for marking. The CO-Series laser marking systems are excellent for marking substrates like wood, glass, Plexiglas®, quartz, ceramics, fabrics, and other organic materials.

Diode-Pumped Laser Markers

Diode-Pumped Laser MarkersE-Series diode-pumped YAG and vanadate laser markers offer improved beam quality, increased depth of focus, and higher peak powers compared to fiber lasers - for fine marking, heat-sensitive materials.

Green Wavelength Laser Marker

Green Wavelength Laser MarkerThe Telesis EV4G is a fiber-coupled, diode-pumped, solid-state (DPSS) green wavelength laser marking system. The laser beam and Q-switched pulse characteristics are optimized for applications that require high beam quality and stability.

Hand Held Dot Peen Marking System

Hand Held Dot Peen Marking SystemCompact Handheld Pinstamp® Dot Peen Systems - These systems are designed primarily for handheld applications. They also find use in online or benchtop applications due to their compact size.

Data Plate Marking System

Data Plate Marking SystemThe fast, flexible DPP2000 automatically feeds and permanently marks metal data plates in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. This fully programmable, table-top unit prints multiple character sizes from .03" to 4.00" (.76 - 101.6mm).

2D Code Markers (DPM) & Equipment

Telesis, the world leader in direct part marking of 2-D codes, offers two different permanent marking system technologies to satisfy a wide range of applications: Pinstamp® Dot Peen Markers & Telesis Laser Markers

ProStation "Complete Solution" Class 1 Laser Workstations

These are available for the FQ10, FQ20, EV15 and EV25 Marking Systems
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