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Fuchs Lubricants

Fuchs Lubricants, Fuchs Industrial Lubricants

The Lube Guys supply Fuchs engine lubricant, hydrualic lubricant, gear lubricant, industrial oil and grease.

Fuchs Automotive Lubricants
When a car, truck, van, construction machine or a tractor leaves the assembly line, at least one FUCHS lubricant will be utilised. As a development partner and supplier to original equipment manufacturers we also have an outstanding position with the international automotive industry.
We supply the following Fuchs Lubricants:
  • Automobile Engine Oil 
    Multigrade – Passenger Cars
    PCMO – 0W-20
    PCMO – 0W-30
    PCMO – 5W-30
    PCMO – 5W-40
    PCMO – 15W-40
    PCMO – 20W-50
    PCMO – 10W-60
    Monograde Engine Oil
  • Automobile Gearbox, Transmission, Diff & Axle 
    Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF)
    Multigrade – 75W-80
    Multigrade – 75W-85
    Multigrade – 75W-90
    Multigrade – 75W-140
    Multigrade – 80W-90
    Multigrade – 80W-140
    Multigrade – 85W-140
    Monograde – 50W
    Monograde – 75W
    Monograde – 80W
    Monograde – 90W
    Monograde – 90W Limited Slip
    Monograde – 140W
  • Automobile Brake Fluid
  • Automobile Coolants
  • Automobile Power Steering Fluid
  • Automobile LHM Fluid
  • Automobile Refrigeration Oil
  • Automobile Supplementary Products
  • Automobile Cleaning Materials
  • HD/Commercial Fuchs Lubricants
    HD/Commercial Engine Oil (All)
    Multigrade HD Diesel 10W-40
    Multigrade HD Diesel 15W-40
    HD/Commercial Brake Fluid
    HD/Commercial Coolants
    HD/Commercial Power Steering
    HD/Commercial Cleaning Materials
    HD/Commercial Miscellaneous
  • Agricultural Fuchs Lubricants
    Agricultural Engine Oil
    Agricultural Gearbox & Diff Lubricants
    Agricultural Brake Fluid
    Agricultural Power Steering Fluid
    Agricultural Coolants
    Agricultural UTTO/STOU

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