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Flow Meter Instrumentation

Flow Meter Instrumentation

The selection of the correct instrumentation to accompany a flow meter is critical. Many flow metering applications are compromised by the incorrect specification of the control or process indication. In all cases when an instrument is purchased from us we will calibrate the instrument for the application using the flow parameters provided by the customer. All of the equipment we offer is suitable for our positive displacement, turbine or insertion turbine meters. In some cases the indicator may be mounted directly on the flow sensor and be self-contained with no external power required.

Cub5 (PDF)

Metra Smart (PDF)

Metra Count (PDF)

Analogue Converter (PDF)

Flowmeter instrumentation with ATEX/ IECEX approval

The Metra-Smart RT12 is specifically designed for computing, displaying and transmitting totals and flowrate from flowmeters with pulse or frequency outputs. I.S. certification to IECex and ATEX directive are available options. The Metra-Smart RT12 is fully user programmable and has selectable PIN protection for security.

Metra Smart (PDF)

Metra Count (PDF)

Batch Controllers

The Metra-Batch high speed batch controller is specifically designed to operate with common pulse producing flowmeters such as positive displacement or turbine style meters.

The Metra-Batch is powered by 12-24vdc or 110-240vac. DC models have two solid state 1amp relays, AC models have two single pole/single throw (SPST) relays capable of switching 5 amps. Field mount or panel mount options are available.

Metra Batch (PDF)

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