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Electric Motors

Electric Motors, Small Electric Motors, Medical MotorsUMMAC specialises in the design and manufacture of AC and DC brush and brushless motors. We supply electric motors for everyday industrial, mining and refrigeration applications to its extensive range of bearings, seals and power transmission and refrigeration products.

Motorised Sirens

Motorised Sirens, Motorised SirenAcoustic warning systems have been used to provide warnings in emergency situations for ages. Beating on various metal objects was used in ancient times; later bell towers were built for this purpose and at the beginning of the 20th century mechanical rotating sirens started to appear.

Hooters & Air Horns

Hooters, Air HornsBest used as an external ringer for telephone system in a factory.

Marine Sounders

Marine SoundersThe E2S Marine range is best suited for all marine and salt spray conditions. High output sounder and beacons with IP67 protection. Ideal for harsh environments with high ambient noise levels.

Emergency Warning Systems

Emergency Warning SystemsEmergency Warning Systems

Solar Beacons and Sirens

Ideally used for Time and Attendance & Home Security. Ranges from 500m up to 1km.

Motrorised Sirens

Acoustic warning systems have been used to provide warnings in emergency situations for ages.

Electronic Sounders

Perfectly suited as startup alarms on conveyor systems and for the fire industry. Ranges up to 600m.

Water Purification Systems

Aspen Water - Responds to Tsunami Disaster Relief Effort

Long Range Sirens

Wide range sirens for mass emergency evacuations including community disaster or flood warning notifications. Is suitable for industrial, mining, military and community applications. Ranges in decibel from 120 to 145 at low frequency, effective distance range from 2km up to 15km in ideal flat windless conditions.
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