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Water Purification Systems

Aqua-etiam NRO 50/100 water purifier

Our innovative water purification solutions technology has allowed us to create a low-pressure compact water purifier for multiple sectors :

Domestic – Catering – Health care – Agriculture.

Aqua-etiam water purification solutions let you enter the world of water purification using a sophisticated purification method that involves only two steps, and reducing the maintenance to a minimum.

The method uses a patented membrane system that purifies the water at a level of nano reverse osmosis.

The discarded water (20 to 30% depending on the water quality) could be used for restrooms or other uses not directly linked to the human body.

ASPEN 3300M water purifier

The ASPEN 3300M water purifier supplies 2,500 to 3,300 gallons per day (between 105 to 140 gallons per hour) of highly purified water from virtually any non-saline water source. Water can be drawn from ditches, ponds, rivers, lakes or standing water that may contain chemical and/or biological contamination.

Dimensions: Standing 32” x 23” x 19.5” and weighing just under 110 pounds. Designed to be carried by 2 soldiers and once on the ground rolled into place. The primary Support Case is under 95 lbs.

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