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BEI Rotary Hall Effect Sensors

BEI Rotary Hall Effect SensorsBEI's hall effect sensors meet customer needs for high performance, non-contact rotary position sensor solutions. This product line features a standard operational life of 35 million cycles while providing up to 6-turns with 2160 degrees of resolution and linearity of +/-0.5%.

BEI Rotary Potentiometers

BEI Rotary PotentiometersBEI Sensors' rotary potentiometers and contact sensor solutions offer a range of single or multi-turn configurations up to 3600º (10-turns) of motion. These rugged, reliable contact sensors can meet IP66/67 sealing requirements and provide operational life exceeding 10 million cycles.

BEI Linear Potentiometers

BEI Linear PotentiometersBEI Sensors' linear potentiometers offer capabilities of over 1 meter of travel and 1 million meters of operational life at temperatures up to 300ºC. These linear position sensor devices can be incorporated into hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, installed on circuit boards.

BEI Panel Controls

BEI Panel ControlsBEI Sensors' panel control series offers a very reliable rotary potentiometer sensor that can be easily integrated or re-packaged into existing and new position sensor applications. Ideally suited for tight packaging constraints, the 5230 panel control series provides superior durability, long service life.
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